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Australia’s Construction Laws, Standards and Codes aren’t designed to bore you, they are in place to ensure safety for you and your family while providing equal outcomes and opportunity for all.

For this reason, it’s important for anyone working on a construction site to familiarise themselves with the various legislations and regulations that govern workplace health and safety and the way we legally operate at work. 

Below we’ve outline the Laws, Standards and Codes that apply to the construction industry, which are further covered in-depth in our White Card online training course.

1. Types of Laws

Workplace Health and Safety in the construction industry is governed by different types of laws, each designed to achieve different outcomes.

These Laws are:
• Harmonised Laws: laws relating to workplace health and safety that affect all states
• Preventative Laws: laws relating to risk and hazard control on the website.
• Common Laws: laws relating to general customs of the community.
• Compensation Law: laws relating to the support workers receive after a work-related injury.

2. Australian Standards

Australian Standards are published documents that set out specifications and procedures to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended. Some examples of this documentation include:
• Specifications
• Handbooks
• Guidelines

3. Codes of Practice

There are two types of codes that apply to the construction industry:
• National Codes of Practice
• Industry Codes of Practice

If a Code of Practice does exist at your workplace, you must do what the code states. If there is no Code of Practice, you are required to adopt another way that identifies and manages exposure to the risk. Always take reasonable precautions and exercise due care.

4. Negligence

No matter what your role is on the construction site, everyone has a duty of care to themselves and others. The laws that govern the construction industry are in place for the benefit of all involved.

Failing to take proper Duty of Care is known as ‘negligence’, and there are serious consequences for those found guilty of negligence.

5. Penalties

Did you know breaching safety regulations can result in hefty fines or even jail time? 

That’s right! If a corporation, business or an individual have been found guilty of breaching an Act of legislation or regulation, heavy penalties are put in place to keep them enforced.

By completing our White Card Online training course, you will be educated and informed about all the legislations and regulations of the construction industry, which will not only help you work safely but it could save you from paying heavy fines or facing jail time!

Completing White Card online training is a legal requirement for those working in the construction industry. Holding a White Card demonstrates that you are well informed about construction site safety, hazard identification and worksite procedures.

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