Breaking down the barriers of eLearning

Breaking Down The Barriers of eLearning

Although eLearning is increasingly becoming the education/training option of choice, there are still a number of preconceived barriers that people associate with online learning.

Problems such as age, literacy ability, availability and finances are barriers that can prevent certain groups of people from undertaking eLearning, but there is simply NO reason for ANYONE to not engage in eLearning courses.

This blog will debunk the major myths and barriers of eLearning to remove any doubt you might have about enrolling in an online course.

1. It’s not that scary

Take the plunge! While eLearning employs different techniques to traditional classroom learning, it’s not any less effective. In fact, in many cases it’s actually proved to be much more effective! 
Just because eLearning is a new, innovative and advanced, does not mean it’s difficult or challenging. The interactive learning techniques are not something to be feared, but embraced! Once you complete your first online course, we guarantee you’ll never go back to traditional textbook teaching.

2. Age is not an issue

Whatever your age is, don’t let it be a barrier to stop you learning! However young or old you are, eLearning is equipped with methods of teaching that are specifically targeted to you!
One of the most common misconceptions about eLearning is that it caters to those who frequently use computers and smart phone technology, ruling out many more mature members of society, but again, that’s simply just not the case.
eLearning is EASIER and more effective that many examples of traditional teaching and can help users of all ages not only learn and understand the content, but also enjoy it.

3. Not being great with computers is not a great concern

People with limited or poor computer skills can find the thought of online learning very daunting. Surprisingly, eLearning is specifically tailored to be simple, easy catering particularly for those who have difficulty using computers and the Internet.

Studies have shown that those who complete online courses with little or no previous computer experience leave with the extra benefit of feeling more confident using technology and motivated to pursue lifelong learning.

4. It’s not as expensive as you might think

You’ll be happy to know online courses provide high-level training at a fraction of the cost of class attendance learning. There’s no tuition, no driving, no course textbooks, it’s just a once off free that cover all your course requirements.

Courses with etrainu start from as little as $35! Courses are developed by designer and completed by experts in the field so you know you’re getting the best knowledge possible.

eLearning does not skip out on the expertise, it’s just easier on your pocket because it’s in your own time, on our own computer.

With eLearning you can increase your knowledge, experience and training without emptying your pockets.

5. You’re not too illiterate, eLearning is for everyone across all levels of intellect

Whether you have the IQ of Einstein or Bart Simpson, there is no limit to your capabilities with eLearning.

Fortunately, eLearning can overcome language barriers by teaching content using a variety of techniques and activities, such as scenarios, movies and animations, images and interactive activities! It’s actually easier for people to learn than traditional methods of teaching.
There is absolutely nothing stopping you from gaining the knowledge and skills you want through eLearning!

No matter how old what you are or what your educational background is, eLearning can accommodate everyone.