etrainu Expert Advice: Featuring Paul Garnham

etrainu’s face-to-face trainer, Paul Garnham, has over 20 year’s experience training and working with participants wanting to secure their RSA, RMLV, Food Handlers and Food Safety Supervisor certifications.

Based in North Queensland, Paul has conducted face-to-face courses from The Cape all the way to Hamilton Island, in the progress helping students network and develop careers in the hospitality industry.

Completing a Responsible Management of Licensed Venue (RMLV) course is mandatory for all licensees, nominees and applicants for an approved manager’s licence in Queensland. It is a comprehensive course with a focus on management, covering law and liquor licence requirements and a range of management strategies to assist operators in the responsible conduct of their business

Paul recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about conducting RMLV face-to-face training and the nature of the industry.

1. For the RMLV face-to-face course, what do the 10 hours entail for participants?

The training covers legislation and the requirements of Managers and licensee’s in the industry to be compliant in their business. Participants learn about policies and procedures that can be put into place to reduce the chances of fines and prosecutions under the liquor act.

2. What’s the atmosphere of a face-to-face session like? Is it relaxed or fairly formal?

I make the training relaxed so the students open up and ask questions and talk about any issues they may have in their business so I can offer solutions and advise on the liquor act to maintain compliance.

3. In terms of numbers, how many students do your face-to-face classes’ facilitate?

Depending on the course, it can anywhere from two to twenty.

4. RMLV courses are only offered as a face-to-face training session. Do you think it’s important to keep this course taught in person? Why/why not? Could you see it offered online in the future?

I feel that it is very important with the RMLV course to remain face to face so the students can get interactions and also ask questions at any time. A lot of the learning is about real life situations that come from the trainer or other students and are different at each course depending on the students and types of business.

5. In your opinion, what’s the best approach when it comes to teaching face-to-face?

It’s open and interactive and involves the students and real life situations.

6. You have been teaching for over two decades, what aspects of face-to-face teaching do you enjoy in particular?

Being able to share real life stories with students and passing on my knowledge gained over many years of experience.

7. During this time, have you seen any significant changes in the industry?

We are now more compliant driven in the industry with the major changes being Liquor Accords, Drink Safe Precincts and civil litigation.

8. Where do you see the hospitality industry in Australia in ten years time?

The industry is becoming more and more regulated and it will be the operators that have strong policies and procedures in place that will prosper and stand the test of time.

9. What qualities make up an ideal manager for a licensed venue?

Someone that is passionate about the industry and is a good communicator that trains and develops others to give the best customer experience possible.


Interested in doing some organised training with Paul? Contact him on 0400 902 966 or contact etrainu on 07 3114 2958 or via email at [email protected]

Be sure to consult our RMLV page from our website for further details on course dates, locations and pricing information.


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