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Expert Advice – Darryn Van Hout, Australian Solar Quotes

With the increasing global energy requirements and the shrinking fossil fuel reserves, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal power are fast garnering momentum in the construction industry as part of both the short and long-term solution to energy security.

The construction industry is one of the major energy consumers. The presence of generators at work sites to facilitate activities such as welding, pumping water and polishing is commonplace. From the onset of any construction activity, reliable power is mandatory for the successful completion of the project. This has to be factored in during the project planning phase to ensure construction activities are not disrupted or slowed down by power cuts.

Construction industry requires reliable source of energy

Solar is gaining popularity as the most efficient and affordable source of renewable power for Australia’s escalating energy demands. With its mostly hot and sunny climate, solar energy is a logical addition to the electricity sector. The construction industry in Australia can therefore enjoy a high return on investment if they were to integrate solar systems into their current power supply.

Recent times have seen an increased use of renewable power, with more and more solar panels being installed as a source of sustainable energy in the construction industry. Etrainu, a leader in online training and business solutions in Australia, is helping shape the renewable energy sector through its cutting edge digital products and programs which incorporate construction online courses that are offered through its custom-built Learning Management System (LMS).

etrainu training people for the energy sector’s future dynamic

As highlighted in one of etrainu’s posts, alternative technology is redefining the future and fast revolutionising how we work, socialise and interact. Similarly, solar technology is a major component of the renewable energy field, with next generation innovations such as high volt solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, electric cars etc.

The cost of solar panels continues to decrease and the technology is now frequently used in the construction industry. For instance, the powerful photovoltaic panels combined with a control panel can be integrated with a pumping system at a building site. Alternatively, when a battery is added to the pumping system, the power generated can also be used for general lighting.

Investment in solar power systems is viable with huge cost benefits; in essence, the solar facility’s cost can be recovered within a short span of time. Australia has come a long way in terms of investment in solar systems. The increasingly high uptake of solar technology and installations is a step forward.

Solar development a step in the right direction for Australia

The growing demand for clean, sustainable and reliable energy conservation compels the federal government to invest more in utility-scale solar projects as well as provide subsidies to encourage more people to acquire renewable facilities at affordable prices. With the wide range of innovative solutions to suit any terrain including ground-mounted PV installations and solar parking structures which make the most of any available space, people are increasingly turning to solar for their energy needs.

The Australian solar energy sector has great potential and continues to grow rapidly. This growth has been enhanced by the commitment of some of the most reputable solar installation companies that deliver exceptional services on time and within budget. Irrespective of the project’s complexities, scope or site constraints, Australian households as well as the construction industry can utilise the abundant resource by installing crystalline or photovoltaic panels, fixed or tilt-mounted modules, thin film modules, combined with dual-axis or single tracking systems.

Besides breathing new life into the construction industry, solar energy will offer Australian consumers’ maximum cost savings while reducing their environmental impact. With the solar installation companies becoming more innovative by the day, cleaner and more effective energy solutions that meet the evolving global energy needs will be provided.

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Author: Darryn Van Hout from Australian Solar Quotes