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Did you know that hazardous manual tasks are responsible for the highest number of reported workplace injuries?

Hazardous manual tasks are defined as any task that requires a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain any thing, animal or person.

Every year thousands of workers across the country are effected by workplace injuries caused by manual tasks. This is particularly prevalent across the construction sector due the large number of risks and incidents involved in manual handling on the work site.

The White Card online training course if designed to teach workers about the safety risks associated with construction work as the safety procedures to carry out on site to prevent and/or reduce hazardous injury for workers. Hazardous manual tasks can involve any number of factors that can stress the body and lead to injury, either long-term or immediate.

These include:

  • Repetitive or sustained force

  • High or sudden force

  • Repetitive movement

  • Sustained or awkward posture

  • Exposure to vibration

Any number of characteristics can contribute to making a manual task hazardous. Injuries often occur when workers regularly carry out manual tasks incorrectly causing stress on the body. One of the most common problems with carrying out manual tasks is the potential to cause musculoskeletal disorders.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are injuries to or diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which may occur suddenly or over time such.

These may include:

  • Muscle, ligament or tendon strains or sprains

  • Back injuries

  • Joint and bone injuries or degeneration

  • Nerve injuries or compression

  • Muscular and vascular disorders from hand-arm vibration

  • Soft tissue hernias

  • Chronic pain

These types of injuries are very common and many construction workers throughout Australia suffer from the results of hazardous manual tasks.

The purpose of the White Card online training is to better inform and educate workers to reduce the risk of injury. It has been reported that a very limited amount of attention is paid to these types of hazardous injuries because they rarely caused death, BUT these injuries can result in long term problems, disabling injuries and can become a consistent financial hardship for worker.

The White Card is a work health and safety course, and covers the unit of competency CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry. It was formerly known as the ‘Blue Card’ and is also currently known as the General Construction Induction Card.

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