White Card Training Qualified Construction Workers

The Right Start – Keep Young Workers Safe with White Card Training

A new WorkSafe QLD video has revealed alarming researching statics indicating that around 700 young workers in the construction industry are becoming seriously injured at work each year!

Serious injury (in this instance) is defined as an injury that keeps them off work for at least five days, potentially causing an outcome that could affect their ability to work for the rest of their life.

As a registered training provider of the White Card Online Course across all Australian states, etrainu feels obligated to share this video and encourage all employers, managers and supervisors to watch and understand the importance of keeping young workers safe!

The video follows the workday of two young construction workers and shows relatable scenarios highlighting the difference between effective and ineffective work design, the importance of providing induction training as well as adequate supervision, feedback, employee support and mentoring for ALL young workers.

As discussed in the video, young workers have a unique risk profile because they are potentially still developing intellectually, socially and physically.

Young workers are less likely to ask questions or raise safety concerns. This again pushes the underlining lesson that safety induction training (as per our White Card Online Training Course) MUST BE completed by every young worker.

This is not only the responsibility of the worker to take on this training, but also that of their manger or supervisor to check they have completed the training and successfully acquired their White Card.

The White Card Online Course is designed to teach basic knowledge of risks in construction work and how to prevent them.

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