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Why eLearning is Effective For Everyone

Every single one of us is different, not only in physical appearance and personality, but also in the way we engage and learn new information. According to The Journal of College Science Teaching, there are seven different types of learners, meaning there are seven unique ways people engage with content and retain information depending on their personality type.

So how is it possible to provide content to satisfy multi-faceted learning styles? That’s very simple, the answer is the interactive, engaging and innovating principles of eLearning!

From both the research of studies and the first hand experience of the etrainu team, it’s easy to see that the principles of eLearning create a unique user experience that is beneficial to ALL types of learners.

Read our breakdown below to find out what type of learner you are, and how eLearning will work for you.

1) The Visual Learner

Your mind is stimulated by visuals. Using pictures, images, maps and a kaleidoscope of colours helps you to learn.

Why eLearning will work for you: If you’re a visual learner, you’ll be happy to know that eLearning courses incorporate a wide range visual media to compliment the written material. eLearning has been developed with learning and development principals that are unique to any classroom experience. eLearning is very bright, very engaging and very visual in all forms of communication!

2) The Aural Learner

The use of audio throughout eLearning training modules enhances your ability to retain new information. You read the information AND hear it making it much easier to process and take in. As an aural learner, you respond really well to content if there are sounds and music involved.

Why eLearning will work for you: eLearning comes alive with the help of soundtracks, quirky sound effects and video. Often a narrator will guide you through a course, helping you to understand the context of the content in a human spoken tone. Music also adds excitement and keeps you entertained through your online learning experience, something you could never achieve in a classroom!

3) The Verbal Learner

You find it very easy to learn and remember new information if someone is reading it to you. Basically, your mind responds best to the spoken word, and your brain finds it easier to retrain information when it is heard as oppose to read. Verbal learners also work well when they can read the content AND hear it.

Why eLearning will work for you: eLearning teaches content in an engaging manner to help you remember the steps and follow where you’re up to. Similarly to the aural learner, you will be highly benefited from the technique of the spoken narrator who reads content back to you throughout the online training course.

4) The Physical Learner

As the name implies, you love being able to move and use your body and this is what helps you to learn! You require a variety based approach in your learning to keep your attention focused. Interactive eLearning utilises small acts of physical movement such as touching and clicking.

Why eLearning will work for you: eLearning courses encompass a number on hands-on techniques to get the users engaged including click and reveals, drop and drags and call to actions to ask the user to respond physically to the content. This type of scenario activity is perfect for the physical learner!

5) The Logical Learner

Your mind connects with situations that involve numbers, patterns and reasoning. Behavior wise, you work through issues systematically and like to know all the options before making a decision.

Why eLearning will work for you: Online courses reference industry-based scenarios that require you to closely analyse, react and respond before making your decision. You are presented with the facts and figures of a scenario, which is very engaging for the logical learner.

6) The Social Learner

If you’re a social learner, you really enjoy working in a group situation or in a position where you can communicate and ask questions. Information comes quicker to you if there is a sense of connecting, and you always want to voice your thoughts to others.

Why eLearning will work for you: The practical components eLearning courses will see you master new skills as a group. Because online courses can be done anywhere at anytime, you can chat with your friends, engage then in your learning and even call people to ask for help. This is a HUGE benefit for social learners because in both the online and physical learning environment, you’re never alone!

7) The Solitary Learner

You feel comfortable and find it easy to concentrate when you’re learning by yourself. Being very much in control of your own emotions, you take extra time to reflect and focus on the topic at hand.

Why eLearning will work for you: As much as eLearning can be a group activity, it can also be 100% independent. Because you’re not in a class room or work office, you’re not working to any kind of schedule or deadline. You can complete the courses in your own time, anytime! How fast you finish the course is totally up to you because you’re in control!

At etrainu, we understand that everyone engages and needs to be taught information differently. Our online courses are designed with this in mind, we accommodate for learners of all types by delivering information using a range of teaching methods and techniques!