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Archery Great Britain and etrainu release new Learning Curve platform

etrainu and Archery GB are proud to announce the launch of Archery GB’s new online community and learning platform. etrainu’s implementation of a new version of the LMS platform, Learning Curve, replaces the previous version.

How Diversity and Inclusion Training Helps Carers

When talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it’s important to remember that everyone is all on a journey. Everyone has different experiences and perspectives that they bring to the table, and it’s through these differences that everyone can learn and grow.

Everything You Should Know About Disability Awareness Training

Did you know that 15% of the world’s population has a disability? Disability advocates have encouraged organisations and individuals to undertake workplace disability awareness training to counter misinformation and promote understanding.

What are the benefits of an LMS?

When you hear the words education and learning, you probably think of a classroom and textbooks. And when you think of technology, apps, smartphones, computers, and other technological devices spring to mind. Most online learning runs through an LMS. It can vary in cost, user experience and interface, responsiveness, and features.

Australian Taekwondo & etrainu Form Education Partnership

Australian Taekwondo is pleased to announce etrainu as its preferred vendor for online education. The 2-year partnership will see etrainu provide a new Learning Management System and course development to the Australian Taekwondo community.

etrainu’s e-learning platform to bolster the sports industry with Sport:80 partnership

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with etrainu, which promises to make innovative online learning solutions more accessible and functional for the sports organisations that we work with.

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