NDIS Practice Standards
Training Plan

for Care and Support Providers

Your training plan on how to train staff and help stay compliant on the NDIS Practice Standards.

What's inside?

The NDIS Practice Standards set a framework that shows what best practice looks like for care and support providers. Now every provider will need to train their staff to deliver the best possible standard of care.

That is why etrainu and NDS have centred this training plan around the standards - delivering the NDS Workforce Essentials training library as an online training solution.

It's designed to give you a framework for the topics that should be covered to stay compliant with the NDIS Practice Standards.

In this document we’ve provided 3 different training programs:
  • An intensive six-week training program
  • A monthly training program
  • A refresher training plan
We’ve recommended different programs as there’s no one size fits all approach. Some organisations prefer to complete training when a new support worker joins the business in an intensive fashion. Other organisations however, prefer to complete training incrementally — with a different focus every month.

Who should download this?

This training plan is designed to assist care and support providers with advice and implementation recommendations on how to train staff and stay compliant on the NDIS Practice Standards.

Empower your staff to deliver the best standard of care

The must-have eLearning solution for workers supporting people with disability.
With relevant training aligned to the NDIS Practice Standards have the confidence to train your staff anytime, anywhere.