Learning Vault is a digital education company specialising in forward-thinking and technology-driven solutions. Global brands rely on Learning Vault for world-class digital content to support students’ educational experiences.

Learning Vault aims to inspire creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. The company’s goal is to help develop the next generation of highly skilled, highly sought-after, informed, and creative professionals. Businesses need graduates who can make an immediate impact, and our micro-credential courses are designed to do just that. Backed by industry partners, all our content is industry relevant and reflects current trends and best practice in each field. We are part of the new breed of higher education, providing micro credentialed short courses that are hand-crafted with relevant and engaging content. We’re always looking for innovative ways to empower the workforce of now - and the future.

Digital Badging

World-leading brands rely on Learning Vault for their premium Digital Badging solution specifically designed for acknowledging achievements digitally including; courses, skills, membership, or participation.

Digital badges are portable, sharable and most importantly, verifiable.

For participants, badges are easy to share on professional profiles like LinkedIn, displayed on social media, or can be hyperlinked to resumes.

For organisations, digital badges are easy to issue to participants on the attainment of achievement or membership. As they can be easily shared by participants on social media, they can significantly increase brand awareness and drive traffic directly to the organisation's website.

For employers and other relevant stakeholders, the Digital Badge provides verifiable data about the achievement that the participant has attained, including content and basis for achievement to be awarded, date, currency and what had to be completed to receive the achievement.

Learning Vault architecture is integrated within the EtrainU ecosystem, which is designed to assist and support your existing workflows, automatically issuing badges upon the attainment of the achievement from your EtrainU platform.

Learning Vault is Australia’s first and only digital badging agency.

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