Table Tennis Australia partners with etrainu to digitise and innovate the sport of table tennis

October 9, 2023

etrainu is excited to announce our partnership with Table Tennis Australia (TTA), the peak body for table tennis in Australia.

As the governing body of table tennis in Australia, TTA strives to collectively get more Australians engaging with table tennis in more ways, more places, and more often.

TTA has been experiencing a positive shift in the sport’s popularity, with research finding that over 900,000 Australians are actively playing table tennis. In response to this, TTA aims to ramp up its focus on participation and attract interest in the sport with a dynamic new learning platform.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with etrainu to create a modern online platform that meets the needs of all our members, including players, coaches, and officials. This platform will not only benefit our current members but also attract new participants and appeal to the broader table tennis community, “ said Claire Montgomery, National Participation & Development Coordinator at Table Tennis Australia.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Table Tennis Australia to the etrainu community,” said Cameron O’Riordan, VP of Revenue at etrainu. “The whole etrainu team are table tennis enthusiasts, and we are keen to help TTA raise the profile of table tennis across Australia with our dynamic platform.”

An innovative online learning platform

Through the custom learning management system (LMS) provided by etrainu, Table Tennis Australia will revolutionise its learning model and framework. The platform will offer online courses for coaches, officials and a host of training modules tailored to different groups, including teachers and allied health professionals.

One of the primary reasons TTA chose etrainu as their platform provider was the ability to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience to their membership. Traditionally, TTA delivered face-to-face training—which created a host of challenges, including travel burdens, time constraints, and availability of trainers, to name a few.

By breaking down geographical barriers and reducing travel requirements for education, TTA seeks to empower every table tennis enthusiast to grow and excel in the sport—all at their own pace. What’s more, the online platform provides a single source of truth that is accessible and convenient for all.

Beyond that, etrainu’s ability to integrate with revolutioniseSPORT sealed the deal for Table Tennis Australia. The revolutioniseSPORT integration provides users with a single sign-on and a consistent profile across multiple platforms. TTA already used revolutioniseSPORT to connect with their state members, so having a single platform that syncs their learner data between the etrainu LMS and revolutionseSPORT will help reduce manual data entry.

“Our partnership with etrainu and the integration with revolutioniseSPORT ensures we can deliver a seamless experience and streamline access to valuable resources and courses to our entire membership base,” said Claire Montgomery. “It also reduces the administrative burden for all levels and makes it easier in the long run.”

About Table Tennis Australia

Table Tennis Australia is the governing body for table tennis in Australia, responsible for promoting and developing the sport at all levels, from grassroots to high-performance. 

TTA is affiliated with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which is responsible for the sport at the international level, and ITTF-Oceania, which is responsible for the sport at the continental level.

As the national sporting organisation for table tennis in Australia, TTA aims to increase the membership of table tennis, produce internationally competitive athletes and international-level coaches/officials, and increase the profile of table tennis.

About etrainu

etrainu are leaders in community education solutions. Through a sophisticated learning management system and engaging online courses, etrainu is changing the way we learn.

‍Founded in 2007, etrainu has grown to over 2 million learners benefitting from hundreds of industry-tailored courses.‍

‍etrainu has partnered with some of the largest sports organisations in the world, including US Youth Soccer (USYS), American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), PGA Tour, Hockey Australia, Gymnastics Australia, and Surf Life Saving Australia.

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