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Your comprehensive list of eLearning assets in the NDS Workforce Essentials

REAA Property Essentials Comprehensive Training List
Standard 1
Property Essentials
20 Assets · over 12 hours

In real estate, understanding and being able to respond to your client is a fundamental component of providing high-quality service. The eLearning assets under this sector relate to improving your product knowledge, building on your skills and expertise, as well as meeting your compliance requirements.

Each asset has a focus on continuous professional development and is designed to help you evolve as a real estate professional. With a variety of topics, courses range from COVID-Safe business to Communicating marketing and promotional activities.


Business Risk Management
45 minutes per module · eLearning 

Information Security
· Privacy in the Workplace
· Manage Finances
· Manage Finance Within a Budget
· Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
45 mins per module · eLearning

· Bullying Awareness for Senior Managers
· Bullying Awareness for Workers

Marketing and Quality Control
1 hour course · eLearning

· Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies
· Dealing With Complaints and Difficult Customers

Fraud Prevention
1 hour course · eLearning 

· Anti-Money Laundering

Workplace Health and Safety
45 mins per course · eLearning 

· Manual Handling
· Covid 19 Awareness
· Hand Hygiene
· Drug and Alcohol

Supervision Requirements
45 mins per course · eLearning 

Manage Meetings
· How Self-Aware Are You?

Elective CPD
30 mins per course · eLearning

· Product- Service - Knowledge

Compulsory CPD
30 mins per course · eLearning

Covid Safe Business