Assess App
Blend face to face assessments and online learning using etrainu's assess app.

For organisations that need the assurance of face to face with the flexibility of online learning.
Move away from paper based records
Due to the fast paced nature of on the field assessments, many organisations still favour paper based records.

The assess app has been developed to replicate the ease of paper based notes, without the data entry that usually follows.
A single source of truth
With ready-built integrations to numerous membership platforms, the assess app creates a consolidated ecosystem with a single source of truth between your learning management system and membership platform.

Everything you need in one place

Feel confident that you can access all the features you need at your fingertips


With a range of ready made integrations to membership platforms, the assess app can circulate the right information to upstream and downstream systems.

Competency Checklists

Tick all the boxes of your units and assessment through the assess app. You can do this online and offline while you're in the field.

Training event calendar

Efficiently run both your online and offline training by managing your event calendar from one place. Let your team know when the next training event is happening and give instructions on how to attend.

Mobile App

etrainu has developed a dedicated mobile app designed for mobile and tablet. It will allow you to manage, track and report on all offline assessment events.

Life Saving Assessment
Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) needed to combine in the field competency assessments with online training.

By implementing the assess app, SLSA have at their fingertips the ability to mark members as competent for practical components of their assessment. Previously, these results would have needed to be transcribed from paper to Surfguard which would often take longer than the actual assessment itself.

Through the assess app and etrainu, it's now done at point of capture and syncing to their membership platform, eliminating all manual data entry.
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