Diversity and Inclusion Training
Online training to help develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
Improve Culture & Stay Compliant
The Cultural Awareness bundle has a number of courses ranging from LGBTIQ+ awareness, to religious sensitivity, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander awareness. We've designed the bundle to help foster more inclusive workplaces.

Through etrainu's learning management system, the training can be implemented across your organisation, with completion records for administrators.

Test Your Cultural Awareness

Research shows that cultural awareness training can lead to improved cross-cultural understanding, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Take etrainu's cultural awareness quiz to receive personalised training recommendations.

Find out how culturally aware you are in our interactive quiz.

The Cultural Awareness bundle has been developed to help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Through these eLearning courses, our aim is to ensure everyone is part of the conversation.
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Our diversity and inclusion training is available for individuals through an affordable yearly subscription.

We have our Cultural Awareness library available for $129 per year.

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