etrainu and Learning Vault team up to deliver digital, verifiable credentials

June 3, 2024

etrainu and Learning Vault have partnered to deliver digital credentials to etrainu’s communities.

Despite the move to online learning avenues, many organisations and individuals still use traditional, paper-based methods to validate achievements and certifications, such as PDF certificates of completion. These methods can be a source of frustration for individuals and organisations alike, as they can be outdated, get lost, and raise issues of authenticity and trust.

Through Skills Passport on the etrainu LMS, learners can easily store and access their certificates and achievements. Yet, etrainu were looking for a way to offer learners an enhanced way of skills recognition.

As Australia’s leading provider of digital credential technology, Learning Vault was perfectly positioned to meet etrainu’s needs.

Dan Oak, Learning Vault’s CRO, said, “We're excited to announce our strategic partnership with etrainu, a leader in eLearning solutions for the health and sports sectors. Their expertise and comprehensive approach to skills deployment and recognition align perfectly with our vision to advance global awareness of digital credentialing technology. Together, we aim to drive significant growth and innovation, empowering professionals and organisations worldwide." 

Digital credentials contain rich sets of customisable metadata that can be verified instantly and machine-read. This prevents digital credentials from being tampered with or copied and allows them to be easily recovered or reissued if lost. 

This new form of credentials empowers learners and workers in the talent marketplace, giving them full agency over their skills data and how to use it. Recipients can share them on social media or via email, store them in Apple/Google wallets, or upload them to digital recruitment platforms. 

A key goal of etrainu is to increase learner participation, motivation, and engagement. Digital credentials align with that goal as they give learners a sense of achievement and skill recognition. They have now not only earned the skills to succeed in the workforce but a mobile, verifiable way to use those skills.

Digital credentials are also straightforward to use. Learners simply complete their training on the etrainu LMS, which can be viewed on their accounts. They are then assigned a digital badge/credential, which will appear on their Skills Passport. 

“By partnering with Learning Vault, we provide our customers with a powerful solution that enhances their brand reputation and learner experience,” said Paul Hoon, CEO of etrainu. “This collaboration brings a range of benefits, supporting our client's growth and success in an ever-evolving educational landscape.”

Digital credentials can be stored via digital wallets, becoming the currency for educators and employers to exchange skills information, powering lifelong learning.

About Learning Vault

Through industry-leading digital credentials, education content and talent pool technology, Learning Vault has created a tech-powered ecosystem connecting education to employment. Their technology solutions make knowledge more accessible, portable and applicable across three key product pillars - Education Vault, Credential Vault and Talent Vault.

Learning Vault has quickly become a leading, global provider of digital credentials, and Australia’s first to meet national and global standards including W3C and Open Badges 3.0, bringing a suite of enhanced security and interoperability. 

About etrainu

etrainu are leaders in community education solutions. Through a sophisticated learning management system and engaging online courses, etrainu is changing the way we learn. Founded in 2007, etrainu has grown to over two million learners benefitting from hundreds of industry-tailored courses.

‍‍‍etrainu has partnered with industry-leading SaaS organisations, both in Australia and globally, including intelliHR, Tanda, GameDay, SportsConnect, deputy, WorkPac, and more.

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