Easily keep track of digital credentials with Digital Badging
A Digital Badge represents a digital credential using an image that specifies a person’s achievement and the organisation that recognised it.

Digital Badges are compact and shareable, allowing learners to easily see what skills they’ve gained and share them across their network. It’s a great way for learners to show off their skills, awards, or workplace achievements to employers, employees, and peers.

And, if the Digital Badges are lost, they can easily be recovered or reissued. They’re also a secure and protected way to share credentials because they have encrypted metadata that is unique to each individual—which means they cannot be tampered with or copied.
Increased learner participation, motivation, and engagement
Easy and verifiable skill recognition
Boost brand awareness
Secure and tamper-proof
How it works
Here’s how Digital Badging works in three simple steps.

Learners complete training

Once learners complete their training on the LMS, they can view the course completion/qualification in their account. They will also receive an email notification.

Course completion email
Digital badge in Skills Passport

Learners receive badges

Once learners have completed your training, they are then assigned a badge.

Skills Passport allows users to keep a record of all their certificates, digital badges, or training documentation.

Once learners receive their badges, it appears in their Skills Passport.

Learners share badges

Now that the badges are available, learners can download or share them on social media.

Once a learner selects their badge they can choose where to share the badge, for example, via email or LinkedIn.

The badge itself has a description and can be configured to navigate new learners to purchase and complete the course.

Example of digital badge on LinkedIn
A vault of learning
Learning Vault is etrainu’s preferred partner for Digital Badging.

They are Australia’s leading provider of digital badging and credentials. Learning Vault specialises in forward-thinking and technology-driven solutions. They are relied upon by global brands for world-class digital content to support students' educational experiences.
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