etrainu’s e-learning platform to bolster the sports industry with Sport:80 partnership

July 12, 2023

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with etrainu, which promises to make innovative online learning solutions more accessible and functional for the sports organisations that we work with.

etrainu is an online learning solution developed and tailored for the sports industry, helping organisations to digitise their paper-based processes and creating the best standard of learning for coaches, officials, players, parents and administrators.

The fundamental element of the partnership is the development of an integration with our Platform, which when a client uses both systems, will put training and continued professional development (CPD) opportunities at the fingertips of our clients and their members.

Through the seamless integration, members of the organisations that work with both Sport:80 and etrainu will be able to log into both systems using Single Sign-On (SSO).

Additionally, it will also share the credentials of users across both systems, creating a profile for the individual based on the information stored within Sport:80, and serving up relevant education opportunities available through etrainu to each user.

Etrainu not only provide their NGB partners with access to their own LMS, which includes coaching qualifications, safeguarding training, mental health awareness courses and more, but they also help to migrate the NGBs already existing education programme into their system, and support them with creating new courses in future.

“We have established a great relationship with etrainu and their team, and at the core of this is a commitment to deliver solutions that offer tangible value to sports organisations,” said our COO, Jonny Turner.

“We saw that in the COVID-19 aftermath, more and more NGBs were moving their education and training programmes online with less emphasis placed on face-to-face sessions, and so solutions like etrainu’s LMS have become increasingly valuable.

“This partnership enables us to present etrainu’s first-rate online learning capabilities alongside the Sport:80 Platform, combining two powerful digital solutions that can support the continued up-skilling of the sporting community.”

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Sport:80. etrainu’s integration to the Sport:80 Platform will help reach an exciting new community to provide access to world-class online learning,” said VP Sales & Revenue, Cameron O'Riordan. “At the end of the day, this new partnership delivers real value for NGBs and the end user. Having a single ecosystem, from membership platform, through to a learning management system means a streamlined user experience and a sophisticated data management process for NGBs.”

To find out more about etrainu’s services,

Or, to learn more about what we do here at Sport:80, click here to get in touch!

Cameron O’Riordan
VP Sales & Revenue
A stellar salesperson, Cam focuses on generating new revenue streams for the business, in the sports sector. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he has the ability to connect the right people, creating new opportunities.

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