Integrate your platform and save time
Using etrainu boosts your productivity by connecting your ecosystem together with etrainu's LMS.

Create an integrated system with etrainu

Maintain Consistent Data

Give your team data they can trust and accurately share the information you need.

Work faster and smarter

When data flows effortlessly, your employees can move faster and make better decisions.

Uncover business insights

Discover new opportunities with trustworthy, reliable data about your team's training.

Create end-to-end workflows

Connect the platforms that are important to you to ensure your staff can seamlessly train.

Make the change and be inspired to learn


Integrate etrainu with the systems that drive your business

Create a seamless integration between your ecosystem of tools and etrainu's LMS. Choose between a standard or custom integration and have the confidence your data can flow easily within your existing systems and content libraries.

Grow your career and start learning with etrainu!

Browse over 300+ courses across numerous sectors and topics to help with all your learning needs.

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