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Designed for your sporting ecosystem, etrainu gives you the power to transform the way you train your Admins, Coaches and Volunteers, thereby growing a more engaged participation base.

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Customisable eLearning platform

With etrainu's Learning Management System (LMS), your team can house all of your learning needs. We offer a variety of courses and categories ranging from in-depth reporting to integrity training to special interest topics. You can expect to see courses such as Coaching and Officiating Accreditations, Governance, Administration, Staff Onboarding, Anti-Doping, and Anti-Gambling.

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Innovative course development

At etrainu, we are experts in innovative course development with over 200 courses developed every year.

Our in-house Studio, which comprises of Instructional Designers and Graphic Designers, uses a variety of authoring tools to bring your content to life and deliver strong learning outcomes, putting learner engagement at the heart of everything we do.

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Ready-to-go integrations

We partner with different membership platforms and CRMs to help provide the National Sporting Organisations and other peak bodies with a single customer view.

We have a stable API and can integrate with a third party of your choosing. Our Assessor app also makes it easy to manage and execute practical assessments and events.

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Assess App

Blend face to face assessments and online learning using etrainu's assess app.

The mobile app is perfect for organisations that need the assurance of face to face with the flexibility of online learning. The assess app will help you ditch the paper based assessments and automatically update your competency records without manual data entry!

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Reporting and progress tracking

Host as many users as you need within the hierarchy you choose.
A comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting system makes it easy to check learner progress at any point in time.

Custom hierarchy and design

Not only can your Learning Management System (LMS) access levels be aligned to the Federated Sports Model, your brand, domain, and sponsors can all be integrated into a custom look-and-feel.

Exemplary support

A strong support model is the cornerstone of our offering, from implementation to ‘business as usual.’ This foundation consists of a Design Studio, Customer Success Team, and Product Development Team.

Learning operational efficiency

Our course delivery is scalable, and easy to deploy and update, while manual processes and use of paper are reduced significantly, thereby removing friction in user experience.

Customer-led product development

Our sophisticated and intuitive LMS is continually refined so we can confidently provide any sports organisation with centralised online and in-person training for coaches, officials, participants and staff.

Anywhere, anytime, online

The LMS and courses are fully mobile responsive and accessible on most modern devices. Users can also download their own digital certificates or accreditations.

Why businesses love etrainu

We have developed a great partnership with etrainu, and their understanding of our organisation is evident in all our dealings with them. We appreciate their patience in ensuring that we are always satisfied with the end product, which is reflected in our course completion rates and member feedback.

Our partnership with etrainu has solved a number of our educational ‘what-ifs’. Since launching, we have been able to accredit over 5,000 individuals through a central point, and standardise delivery of our theoretical content. Being able to access etrainu’s Helpdesk allows us to focus on course content development. We’ve also incorporated their Assessor App into Referee and Coach assessments and can see immediate efficiencies at events.”

We have found etrainu to be thorough and innovative, and their support is exceptional. There was a clear focus on delivering a quality service for our members and it was apparent that etrainu was invested in our success. Our users have also noticed a smooth transition to the platform. We feel that we’ve partnered with an organisation that we can grow with.

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