Hockey Australia

Hockey Australia is the National Sporting Organisation for hockey, overseeing the sport in Australia.

Hockey Australia leveraged the flexibility of the etrainu platform to change its education delivery model.

With a focus on leadership, integrity, excellence, inclusion, and community, Hockey Australia aims to provide Australians with the opportunity to participate in the sport from the grassroots to the competitive level, including the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

More than 125,000 registered participants play hockey regularly in Australia. Hockey Australia delivers key benefits to these participants, including offering continuing player, officiating, and spectator support.

Hockey Australia is also responsible for the administration and operation of Australian national representative teams, including the world-renowned Kookaburras and Hockeyroos.




Victoria, Australia

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Customised LMS, Assess App

Hockey Australia has leveraged the flexibility of the etrainu platform to deliver our education online. etrainu has been fantastic in helping us boost that customer experience. Our community members can access learning now from anywhere and at any time.

Their platform provided us with a bespoke solution that boosted the learning journey for our whole community.

Peter Wroblewski

Workforce Development Manager at Hockey Australia


Lack of flexibility and accessibility 

Like many sporting bodies, Hockey Australia faced complex challenges when it came to the delivery model of their education. Most of their training was delivered completely face-to-face, which put a lot of demand on the instructor providing the training. It also placed additional time pressure for Hockey Australia’s clubs and associations as they had to facilitate these face to face sessions.

Hockey Australia had a system that used paper forms for administration and record-keeping. That made it difficult for clubs and associations to keep track of things and for Hockey Australia as a whole to determine who had completed their accreditation offerings.

Not only that, but the previous education model used a linear system where learners had to complete their accreditation in levels, such as Level 1, 2, and so on. This meant that learners often did not have the freedom and flexibility to complete their training at their own pace.

So, in 2019, Hockey Australia decided to change the way they approached education.


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HockeyEd: a centralised online learning platform 

Hockey Australia partnered with etrainu to deliver HockeyEd, their centralised online learning platform. 

With the new platform, Hockey Australia was able to deliver their new education framework and create a system where learners could navigate their learning journey at a pace more comfortable for them. 

Through a customer relationship management (CRM) integration with revolutioniseSPORT, Hockey Australia was able to use the etrainu platform to seamlessly deliver single sign-on functionality, which made the user journey much smoother. Through this consolidated online learning platform, learners could easily access modules and resources, track their progress, and store their certificates of completion in one place.

And with the Assess App, Hockey Australia could continue to deliver their face-to-face training sessions—only this time with better record-keeping processes and a higher level of competency assessment. It’s also created more value for participants as instructors can spend more time doing group learning and asking questions rather than dedicating time to theory.


An engaged and growing community 

One of the most significant benefits Hockey Australia is seeing from partnering with etrainu is the level of engagement from the hockey community. 

For example, the growth Hockey Australia has in the completion of accreditations is immense. In 2016, they had roughly 700 accreditation completions across Australia. And in 2023, they hit nearly 2,500.

What’s more, Hockey Australia can develop more content and deliver it to their clubs and associations across Australia quickly. 

There are plans in the future to expand the educational offerings thanks to the flexibility and accessibility of the platform. Through the etrainu platform, Hockey Australia is planning to unlock more resources and deliver greater value to their regional and community areas.

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