American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

With a stylish design, automated prerequisites, and fluid integrations, the etrainu LMS met American Youth Soccer Organization's needs.

A LMS user experience evolution

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is a nonprofit and the oldest national youth soccer program in the United States. AYSO has thriving programs for kids and adults in nearly 900 communities nationwide – and internationally in the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago – over eight million AYSO alumni, and a name recognized nationwide.

AYSO aims to provide every volunteer, from coaches and referees to administrators, with the best possible soccer learning experience.




Torrance, California, USA

Number of Employees

20 Employees
95,000 Volunteers

Product Used

Customised LMS

“The etrainu project team was very patient and helped keep the project moving forward; they provided incredible training content, which had to be revised a lot due to the complexities and number of stakeholders within AYSO. The primary reason for choosing etrainu was because they are part of the Stack family, and it has turned out to be a fantastic option”

Paula Muesse
Head of Business Operations & Strategy of AYSO


Delivering the best possible learning experience

The evolution of the LMS project was threefold: 

  1. the existing solution was visually not appealing for our learners, instructors and admins;
  2. it couldn’t enforce the many AYSO prerequisites; the assessor had to manually enter each candidate’s record to check whether they had met the prerequisites, which was massively time-consuming;
  3. volunteers only had manual assessment tools at their disposal.


Number of AYSO Users


Course Completions


Modules on the LMS


An LMS with a stylish design

The first and most obvious thing about the etrainu LMS is that it is aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate around the platform for learners, instructors and admins.‍

Prerequisites are now automated so as to enforce learning pathways, and we were able to drop in all of our hundreds of SCORM modules directly into etrainu, which drastically reduced the delivery time.

The other major piece of the puzzle was an uplift in integration functionality to our membership platform, Sports Connect, compared to the previous vendor’s. Users are now automatically created in the LMS, and etrainu even went one step further and integrated with our other membership provider, InLeague. The solution is a multiple-way sync, meaning learner activity is reflected in both membership platforms seamlessly.

To solve the manual assessment challenge, etrainu implemented their Assess App and their event management system so that candidates can book in and turn up to a practical assessment or classroom event to be assessed. Their status records are immediately updated in both their LMS member record and in the membership platform, while all certifications are provided digitally and easily downloadable.


Drastically reduced training delivery time

The vastly improved user experience means that significant time has been saved by AYSO instructors due to ease of search and replacing a host of manual processes with automation provided by the system.

While the integration to a membership platform allows AYSO to maintain eligibility requirements as per before their replatforming to etrainu, the added complexity of a second membership platform is significant. It means that all users are validated for entry into the LMS and can view enriched membership profiles, regardless of where they operate.

The Assess App removed the requirement for paper-tracking certifications, a huge time saver for AYSO’s admins. Furthermore, there are now multiple live assessments over an extended period, which was impossible previously.

The etrainu Customer Success Team was very supportive and responsive during onboarding, working through the time zone difference without complaints. Training was provided via AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) and Admin/Instructor training. They worked directly with AYSO Working Groups to ensure all business requirements were met. They did a lot of liaison behind the scenes with the Sports Connect and InLeague teams to ensure the integration project timelines were met.

The benefit of being in direct contact with the etrainu Development team was that AYSO was able to influence the requirements and building of the platform architecture to suit their specifications, something that simply cannot be done with an out-of-the-box product. etrainu also enhanced the existing LMS platform with items like buttons, Americanization, and a US-based server to support AYSO’s system, which means load times and user experience are enhanced.‍

While AYSO was able to bring all of their existing content across to etrainu’s LMS, they have recently engaged etrainu to create additional revenue streams in other markets with that content and explore co-authoring more courses using our renowned Studio team.

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