Touch Football Australia

A learning management system that evolved to store all of Touch Football Australia’s online education.

A learning management system that evolved to store all of Touch Football Australia’s online education.

Touch Football is one of the largest social sports in Australia with in excess of half a million annual participants.

With gender neutrality and a broad age range of participants, Touch Football has mass national appeal.

As the governing body of the sport, Touch Football Australia provides leadership, advocacy and a team of experienced, professional staff who are focused on enhancing the experience of participants and growing the sport.




Sydney, Australia

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Customised LMS, Assess App

The etrainu team have been an invaluable partner in successfully launching The Nest to the touch football community. As we continue to invest in our education content and expand our course offerings we know that with etrainu by our side we will provide quality experiences for our people as we seek to enhance the experience and grow the sport.

James Sharp

National Education and Policy Manager


Creating an accessible learning environment and a single source of truth

Touch Football Australia had two key challenges when educating their membership base. Firstly, face to face training wasn’t always practical, especially for learners in rural and remote areas. With face to face being the only form of training, some learners had to travel long distances in order to complete the required training. At times, this impacted overall adoption.

Secondly, there was a key challenge around the management of learner data. Offline systems (like Microsoft Excel) are difficult to maintain due to the adhoc way data is entered. TFA were looking for a system that could produce and maintain clean data.


increase in learner adoption


course completions per year


courses in The Nest


The Nest - a consolidated online education platform

Touch Football Australia implemented their own instance of the etrainu platform, branded The Nest. Through The Nest, the touch football community can access content to help enhance their knowledge of the game.

Alongside the suite of online courses, TFA have licensed the Assess App to capture face to face training and assessments. This new process is creating efficiencies for TFA while further extending the single source of truth for accreditations.

etrainu’s document library has helped TFA centralise their educational resources. As functionality continues to improve these resources will be locked based on a learner's qualification, ensuring that people have access to the appropriate information to continue to make The Nest the home and hub of learning.


A growing partnership that incorporates all facets of education

The initial scope of work involved digitising the level 1, level 2, level 3 referee courses, as well as the Foundation and Talent Coach courses. TFA recognised the value of the platform and over time, leveraged the Nest to incorporate all areas of education across the referee, coach, referee coach and facilitator streams.

From 2018 to 2023, over 18,000 individuals have established an account with 4,000 training courses completed annually. The most popular being the TFA Level 1 Referee Course with circa 2,500 participants completing the training each year.

With the partnership extended in 2023, TFA are looking to the future of The Nest. Through the adaptability of the etrainu platform, it opens up the possibility to work with the NRL to create an integration with MySideline in the future. Through this project, the goal is to create more accessible avenues to the data, while the source of truth remains within The Nest. 

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