Gymnastics Australia

With an outdated Learning Management System (LMS), Gymnastics Australia was looking for a platform to meet the needs of their staff and members.

Moving from an old LMS to a new LMS

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is the national governing body for gymnastics within Australia. Established in 1949, Gymnastics Australia’s mission is to promote, develop and grow gymnastics for the enjoyment of all. Their High Performance programs continue to develop our athletes, ensuring ongoing achievements and success within the international arena.

Gymnastics Australia’s goals was to modernise their current eLearning system and improve the usability of the system.


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Victoria, Australia

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"Our users have noticed a smooth transition to the etrainu platform as their support requests have sharply decreased. In short, we feel that we’ve partnered with an organisation that we can grow with and that their platform will grow with us."

Tom Finch
National Education Manager


Transforming the learning culture and reducing support requests

GA's previous LMS was nearing 7-years old and during this time, the system had been heavily customised to cater for the current needs of GA and their members. Unfortunately, this had resulted in a system that was unable to be updated nor provide a quality learning experience for their members.

Furthermore, as the education needs of their sport continued to evolve, GA needed a system that was able to cater for a range of delivery methodologies including online, face-to-face and on-the-job training.  Most importantly, the system needed to be user-friendly, catering to the needs of a community with a broad range of technological skills and experience.


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Driving advancements in education delivery

etrainu was able to offer a user-friendly system that catered for GA's current and emerging needs. What started as a product implementation soon flourished into a genuine partnership with GA where both parties work collaboratively to drive advancements in education delivery.

etrainu has developed a strong working relationship with GA to resolve user problems as well as identify a clear development pathway forward for education within their sport. Gymnastics Australia's National Education Manager Tom Finch said:

"etrainu’s commitment to quality customer service, whether this be us or our users is highly valued by GA. They work with us to solve issues and identify opportunities for the future. Their flexible financial model benefits and assists GA to manage budgets more effectively."


etrainu invested in Gymnastics Australia’s success

etrainu believe that simply providing a product wouldn't help GA achieve their objectives. Rather, a closer working model with a focus on company goals and the users themselves would help deliver the greatest return.

"We found etrainu to be thorough and innovative with the pre- and post-launch training and onboarding, while the post-implementation support was exceptional. There was a clear focus on delivering a quality service for our members and it was apparent that etrainu was invested in our success."

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