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Benefits for every organisation

Easy administration all in one place

By training staff, it not only means you create a pipeline of strong leaders within the company, but it also shows that you are invested in team members growing and expanding, and are willing to support their growth.

All-inclusive package, no hidden costs

Have the confidence and reassurance that you have everything you need in one simple solution. With no additional or hidden costs, and all certificates included, you are set up for success.

Full visibility of your teams progress

By measuring the impact of learning and development, it can help you not only determine which programs are best suited to your business goals but also help you to identify and change the ones that are not.

In-house customer service and onboarding

A qualified team member who knows both the product and how you use it promptly addresses every phone call, email and support ticket to help your team on every stage - from onboarding to assessment.

Reduction of training cost and time

etrainu gives you the power to reduce expenses on costly training and time-consuming administration. With one simple and easy-to-use solution, you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Mapped to the NDIS Practice Standards

Every eLearning resource has been mapped against the corresponding practice standard. This means that our training is compliant by design, which will help when it comes to audit time.

Developed in partnership with the peak body for non-government disability services
Every asset in the Workforce Essentials package is developed by leading National Disability Services (NDS) experts and mapped to NDIS practice standards.


non-government service providers are represented by National Disability Services (NDS).

75+ years

promoting quality service provision and life opportunities for people with disability.

We know every organisation might require something different – more users, fewer assets or whatever your particular needs might be. That’s why we tailor the price of the Workforce Essentials package specifically to your needs.
NDS Workforce Essentials:
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A little goes a long way

Make a difference in a person’s life.

Be person-centred

Understand and implement practices that safeguard the rights of people you support.

Stay safe, stay healthy

Upload, store and manage documents, policies, presentations and other assets for all employees to review. You will also have visibility over the completion of these items.

Provide choice

Apply the key principles and strategies related to supported decision-making.

Be risk aware

Manage risk associated with manual tasks, such as mobility, transportation, and personal care.

Be supportive

Provide responsible, sustainable support for people with disability under the NDIS.

etrainu's eLearning solution is available 24/7 and accessible via web browser, across any device.

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NDS Workforce Essentials Comprehensive Training List

Standard 1
Rights and Responsibilities for Participants 

In disability support, it’s important to understand and acknowledge human rights when providing high-quality care.

Aligned with Standard 1: Rights and Responsibilities for Participants, the eLearning assets under this standard look at human rights and the responsibilities of support workers when supporting people with disability.


Bullying Awareness for Senior Managers
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

Bullying Awareness for Workers
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

Disability Induction
1 hour per module (self-paced) | Total time: 12 hours (self-paced) · eLearning 

12 modules included:
It’s a Great Career If You Enjoy Working with People (3 modules)
· You Can Make a Difference (2 modules)
· Essential Skills (2 modules)
· Looking After Yourself and Others (3 modules)
· Your Work is Meaningful (2 modules)

Food Safety for Disability Support Workers
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning 

Human Rights and You - Zero Tolerance
40 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 3 hours 20 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

5 modules included:
What are Human Rights
· Rights and Responsibilities
· When Rights Go Wrong
· Asking for Help
· Additional Resources (Video and PDF resources)

Human Rights Resources
40 minutes (self-paced) · Resources 

Impairment in the Disability Sector

1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning 

Infection Control for Disability Support Workers
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

Managing Stress and Building Resilience
40 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Manual Handling For Disability Support Workers
45 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 3 hours (self-paced) · eLearning

4 modules included:
· Module 1: Hazardous Manual Tasks & Managing Risks
· Module 2: Personal Care
· Module 3: Mobility
· Module 4: Transportation 

Manual Handling Resources
1 hour (self-paced) · Resources

Orientation for External Support Workers in Tertiary Settings
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

4 modules included:
· Module 1: What is disability?
· Module 2: Let’s talk about disability?
· Module 3: Legislation and policy
· Module 4: Disability in the community  

Professional Boundaries
20 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

3 modules included:
· Module 1: Professional Boundaries and Why They’re Important
· Module 2: Understanding Boundaries and Professionalism
· Module 3: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Risk Management
1 hour (self-paced) · Video resources

Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness Training for the Disability Sector
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

Understanding Abuse - Zero Tolerance
40 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 2 hours (self-paced) · eLearning

3 modules included:
· Understanding Abuse
· Power and Control
· The Empowerment Circle

Working with People with Disability 
1 hour (self-paced) · Video resources

Provider Governance and Operational Management

The assets in this section look at how service providers must govern and operate their services, and what their responsibilities are as NDIS-approved providers.


Adapting to the NDIS
20 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

4 modules included:
Module 1: Finding Your Purpose
· Module 2: Quality and Safeguards
· Module 3: Strategy and Transformation
· Module 4: The Customer Journey

Business Writing Skills
30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Coaching the Coach

30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Communication Essentials

30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Dealing With Complaints and Difficult Customers
30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Emergency and Disaster Management
30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Documenting Records
40 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

First Response Evacuation Instruction
55 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 

Incident Reporting
25 minutes per module (self-paced) | Total time: 1 hour and 10 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

3 modules included:
· Module 1: Organisational Policies and Procedures
· Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities as a Support Worker
· Module 3: How to Report Effectively

Managing Change and Communication
1 hour and 20 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Reliable Record Keeping Webinars
1 hour and 30 minutes (self-paced) · Video resources

6 resources included:
Why reliable record keeping practices are important? (Video)
· What are the characteristics of reliable record keeping? (Video)
· Tips and strategies to ensure reliability of record keeping (Video)
· Case study: reliable recording of NDIS goals and change in circumstances/needs (Video)
· Case study: reliable record-keeping for documenting risks, incidents and complaints (Video)
· Case study: reliable record-keeping for documenting refusal of care/supports (Video)

Resolving Conflict
30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Safeguarding for Boards
50 minutes (self-paced) · Video and PDF resources

7 resources included:
· Understanding Abuse - Zero Tolerance (Video)
· Preventing Abuse - Zero Tolerance (Video)
· Considering Additional Risk (Video; 2 parts)
· Responding to Abuse - Zero Tolerance (Video)
· Learning From Abuse - Zero Tolerance (Video)
· Why Be a Board Member - Zero Tolerance (Video)
· A Practical guide (PDF)

Sustainable Service Under the NDIS
1 hour and 10 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

The Science and Art of Realising Human Potential
10 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning
Provisions of Support

Under the NDIS, service providers have responsibilities when providing support to participants. Each of the courses listed below aligns with this requirement.


Foundations of Positive Behaviour Support Films
1 hour (self-paced) · Resources

5 resources included:
· What Is Positive Behaviour Support (Video)
· Quality of Life (Video)
· Listening and Communicating (Video)
· Being Aware of Sensory Needs and Preferences (Video)
· Upholding the Values of Positive Behaviour Support (Video) 

NDIS Financial Management: Cost Attribution 
20 minutes per resource (self-paced) · Resources

6 resources included:
· Cost Attribution Case study Introduction (PDF)
· Case Study Information (PDF)
· Cost Attribution FAQs (PDF)
· Simply Brief - Cost Attribution (PDF)
· Script Session 5 - Cost Attribution (PDF)
· Cost Attribution Webinar (PDF) 

NDIS Simple Financial Management
30 minutes per resource (self-paced) · Resources

21 resources included:
· NDIS Transition and Cash (4 resources: video, presentation, and worked examples)
· Corporate Overheads (5 resources: video, presentation, PDF, and worked examples)
· Support Margin and Growth (5 resources: video, presentation, and worked examples)
· Smart Product Design (5 resources: video, presentation, and worked examples)
· Audit Controls and Exception Reporting (Video)
· Intelligent Design: Product Refinement (Video)

Participation Project - Resources

5 hours and 20 minutes (self-paced) · Resources

8 resources included:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (PDF)
· Communication and the Disability Support Worker (PDF)
· Communication and the Disability Support Worker (Accessible version; PDF)
· Get Ready to Assist Clients with Medication (PDF) 
· Making Lifestyle Choices (PDF)
· Encouraging Lifestyle Choices (PDF)
· Making Lifestyle Choices (PDF)
· The Role of the Disability Support Worker under the NDIS (PDF)

Person-Centred Practice Across Cultures - Resources
15 minutes (self-paced) · Resources

14 resources included:
Empathy (PDF)
· Active Listening (PDF)
· Choice-Making (PDF)
· Reflective Practice (PDF)
· Working Effectively with Interpreters (PDF)
· Terminology and Data (PDF)
· Making the Business Data (PDF)
· Culturally-responsive Person-Centered Organisation (PDF)
· Leading Towards Cultural Responsiveness (PDF)
· Building a Diverse Workforce (PDF)
· Valuing Bilingual Workers  (PDF)
· One Community at a Time (PDF)
· Making Links (PDF)
· Cross-cultural Story-based Marketing (PDF)

Recognising Restrictive Practices
1 hour (self-paced) · Video resources

9 resources included:
· Recognising Restrictive Practices Guide (PDF)
· What are restrictive practices (Video)
· Restricted access: Environmental restraint (Video)
· Mechanical restraint (Video)
· Chemical restraint (Video)
· Physical restraint (Video)
· Seclusion (Video)
· Power control (Video)
· Consequences control (Video)

Supported Decision-Making
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning 

Supported Decision-Making (Resource)
5 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning 
Provisions of Supports Environment

Part of providing supports includes ensuring an environment is safe for all involved: the person with disability, the support worker, carer/family/friends, and those around them.The assets under this practice standard help those involved in support provision to create a safe environment for all.


Child Safe Standards (Victoria)
10 minutes (self-paced) · Resources

Child Safe Standards (National)
10 minutes (self-paced) · Resources

COVID-19: What It Is & How to Prevent Its Spread
20 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Hand Hygiene
25 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Leading Work Health & Safety in the Disability Sector
40 minutes per module (self-paced) · eLearning

9 modules included:
Introduction & Legislative Framework
· Health and Safety Management System
· WHS Consultation
· Risk Management
· Management of Specific Risk
· Injury Management
· WHS Training
· Records and Information
· Continuous Improvement

Mealtime Management
30 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Medication Management
1 hour (self-paced) · eLearning

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
10 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Positive Cultures Films
40 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

9 resources included:
Positive Cultures (Video)
· Power and Control (Video)
· Speaking Up (Video)
· Listening Well (Video)
· Everyday Opportunities (Video)
· Structured Opportunities (Video)
· The Right Supports (Video)
· The Language We Use (Video)
· Speaking Up about Safety (Video)

Return to Work

20 minutes (self-paced) · eLearning

Trauma Informed Support Films

35 minutes (self-paced) · Video resources

5 resources included:
· Understanding Trauma (Video)
· What is Trauma Informed Support (Video)
· A Trauma Informed Approach to Positive Behaviour Support (Video)
· How Can Organisations Embed a Trauma Informed Approach? (Video)
· Building Networks of Support and Recognising Vicarious Trauma (Video)


learning assets


hours of training

Why businesses love etrainu

We have developed a great partnership with etrainu, and their understanding of our organisation is evident in all our dealings with them. We appreciate their patience in ensuring that we are always satisfied with the end product, which is reflected in our course completion rates and member feedback.

Workforce Essentials was a key component to driving change among our staff, and having access to an eLearning platform that was tailored to our sector streamlined the process of undertaking all levels of training. We are delighted with the learning capabilities thus far and are proud to see our staff continually growing and reaching new goals.

We have found etrainu to be thorough and innovative, and their support is exceptional. There was a clear focus on delivering a quality service for our members and it was apparent that etrainu was invested in our success. Our users have also noticed a smooth transition to the platform. We feel that we’ve partnered with an organisation that we can grow with.

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