Living Communities

Living Communities searched for an all-inclusive training package that was customisable and recognisable to their team.

Living Communities searched for an all-inclusive training package that was customisable and recognisable to their team. Enter etrainu.

Living Communities is dedicated to giving a voice to those who often go unheard, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community. They empower their clients, equipping them with the tools they need to enhance their quality of life.

Led by founder Ben Bullivant, Living Communities champions individual rights and freedom of expression. They foster a diverse community where everyone has the opportunity to engage and thrive actively. Through their unique approach, they create a living network of support that breathes, grows, and adapts to ensure their clients achieve their goals.

They offer a wide range of services, including core supports, psychosocial recovery coaching, capacity building, and support coordination.




Brisbane, Queensland

Number of Employees


Product Used

Customised LMS

etrainu gave us the platform of a customised LMS that allowed us to provide an online learning environment that looked like—and felt like—Living Communities.

We found the process very easy, and etrainu helps us with any issues quickly and step-by-step—the Living Communities staff felt very supported. 

If it weren't for etrainu, our training package would not have met our staff's needs to support our participants' needs.

Ben Bullivant

Founder of Living Communities


eLearning to represent the Living Communities' identity and mission

Living Communities needed a training package that was all-inclusive and easily recognisable to their staff.

One of their core objectives is to invest in their staff and, in turn, invest in their participants to deliver the best services possible.

So, Living Communities was determined to find a training provider that could offer them a package with an excellent learning platform and comprehensive courses.


Learners enrolled


Courses complete


Courses available on the LMS


A platform representing Living Communities 

Living Communities was delighted to have a customised LMS that allowed them to offer an online learning environment that looked and felt like Living Communities.

The customisation meant that Living Communities could access a learning platform that spoke to their mission and identity. What was crucial about the etrainu solution was that it allowed Living Communities to have a platform with the colours and aspects that represented them, particularly their cartoon figurine, Dot.

That was vital to Living Communities, who wanted their team to feel like they were a part of the organisation while doing their training.

It also gave them greater visibility across staff training and progress so that administrators could see which courses each team member has or has not completed. That way, Living Communities could use the system to best support their staff who support their participants.


Better reporting and more opportunities for growth

etrainu’s LMS features were central to making training easier for the Living Communities team.

They found administrative reporting and compliance was made much more seamless as the etrainu LMS allowed them to generate certificates and add this data to their compliance register. 

In doing so, Living Communities was able to stay on top of their compliance and registration requirements with the NDIS.

One of Living Communities’ mottos is “disability leading disability.” A lot of the Living Communities staff have disabilities themselves, so they’re always on the lookout for ways to grow. 

Using etrainu’s LMS and accessing etrainu’s library of courses, Living Communities was also able to identify new learning opportunities and areas to grow into.

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