Best Practice Community Services

Best Practice Community Service sought a solution that was accessible to their teams in Darwin and Queensland, engaging, and easy to use.

Self-paced learning and development that can be done anywhere, anything

Best Practice Community Services (BPCS) provides personalised services to participants of the NDIS. BPCS is committed to improving the quality of life of people with a disability, empowering them to pursue and fulfil their life goals and aspirations as valued members of the community.

Best Practice Community Service faced a big challenge in finding a solution to meet both their teams in Darwin and Queensland that was engaging and easy to use.

BPCS’s goal was to provide relevant industry learning and development opportunities that were all in one place, self-paced and could be completed anywhere, anytime.




Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia

Number of Employees


Product Used


“etrainu provides a streamlined learner experience easily accessible (including from a mobile device) and gives the options for account holders to complete training. As we can easily assign training to staff, it reinforces our commitment to their learning and development, which means we have a capable workforce that can support our participants’ needs. As we move to our next phase of workforce capability, we know our experience with etrainu will be positive as they will continue to work with us to meet our specific needs.” 

Best Practice Community Services


eLearning to keep every learner engaged

BPCS needed to provide relevant industry training to meet the needs of their core management and support teams.

With BPCS’s Head Office in Darwin and staff in Queensland, they had to think about providing quality training that would reach both teams—and not just by using Zoom workshops. Their support staff are always on the go, so getting everyone together in one place to deliver the training was not an option.

BPCS’s challenge was finding a solution that would meet a varied range of learners, so having blended eLearning was important, i.e. videos, documents, presentations, etc., to engage every learner.


Learners Enrolled


Courses Completed


Courses Available on the LMS


The right LMS fit

etrainu has many learning options that met the needs of both BPCS’s management and support teams.

The LMS fit well with the BPCS workforce providing quality, flexible, and accessible training. BPCS also found the etrainu system easily accessible—anywhere, anytime. his made it simple for the BPSC staff to resume or review their training later as needed, record information, send emails, report from one place, and assign training.


Access to an exemplary customer support team

BPCS found the etrainu customer support team fantastic! They especially noted the interaction and level of support have been above and beyond from the first point of call to now.

BPCS had to get on top of their training urgently, given other training methods were not working. They found the etrainu team to be quite responsive, with a quick turnaround of 2 days— from the first meeting with etrainu to having accounts ready and being able to assign training. BPCS praised the etrainu team for always being open to feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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