Real Estate Institute of Victoria

Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) was in search of a professionally-designed, easy-to-use, and accessible eLearning platform for real estate professionals.

An LMS to PropEL professional development

Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) is the peak professional association for the Victorian real estate industry since 1936. With over 7,000 members located in city, rural and regional areas, REIV represents the voice of the industry to provide training and events across all sectors of the property profession.

REIV was faced with challenges of digitising their accredited programs and their REIV Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Among digitalisation problems, there were accessibility concerns that needed attention from their rural and remote members. Additionally, CPD points gained from short course completions required syncing to their membership system. To assist with their digital transformation. REIV engaged etrainu to create an online learning solution that also integrated with their REIV Member Portal, iMIS.

etrainu was able to deliver an e-learning platform as a solution for REIV that has seen user participants grow from 1,000 participations from its first year since launch to now over 4,000 participants. The platform is easy to use and accessible, providing specialised real estate professional development resources that enable members to stay up to date with industry best practice standards.


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“The PropEL platform has transformed the way we deliver ongoing professional development to the real estate industry. We can now bring quality and engaging content direct to our members' home or office as well remove the burden of long-distance travel for those living in rural and regional areas. The result of this has been the delivery of timely training to a far wider reaching audience than in the past. Through the platform's integration with our own internal systems, along with the support from the etrainu team, it has streamlined our administration, freeing up time and resources for other projects.”

Matthew Griffin
Membership Services Manager of REIV


Pivot to learning management systems

As part of their business, REIV operates a registered training organisation (RTO) that offers accredited diploma and certificate level qualifications. This was REIV’s first initial challenge to solve their need to deliver training in an online environment, as well as perform assessment and the assessing online. The spin-off from digitalising accredited courses was to also transition their industry-focused CPD short courses online.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, much of the world moved online, which required REIV to quickly pivot to find ways to deliver their courses online. Prior to this, there was growing pressure from REIV’s rural and remote members to access online content, as members were locationally disadvantaged from attending in-person sessions.

With continuing professional development now becoming mandatory for property professionals and a sticking point by governments, the REIV CPD program requires members to continually invest time and effort into upskilling themselves and their teams to meet industry compliance. The need to cater to professionals from anywhere, at any time to manage their CPD further accelerated REIV’s digital transformation.

REIV had also faced support challenges with the previous LMS, which was inherited with REIV’s student training software. There was little guidance on how to use the system which saw users struggle to use the LMS.


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On demand e-learning resources for the property sector

etrainu successfully delivered REIV's e-learning platforms to provide specialised real estate resources to their members and non-members. The LMS provided a one-stop solution for their users to access accredited courses, short courses, on demand webinars, and etrainu’s pre-built business essentials e-library.

Users are able to access knowledge and practical skills from resources designed by REIV industry experts in-house. etrainu’s Studio Team worked with the REIV training team to develop custom online learning programs and train their employees on how to create courses. Course content can be easily developed in a format that works for REIV, so that they can easily create their own learning programs with a range of interactive content options, including webinars, SCORM files, documents, and videos.

The shift from face-to-face to online short course training proved to be a big win with REIV’s soft launch strategy. Solving the location constraints of in-person training sessions from their rural and remote members during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the new easy-to-use online format, members are able to access the LMS anywhere, at any time allowing increased participation and course completions.

The other major solution to address was the data sync with the membership system. The new online interface enhances interactive learning and automatic recording of CPD points through integration with the REIV Member Portal, iMIS.

etrainu was able to provide REIV with full training and customer success support. With access to exemplary support by experts, they brought REIV staff up to speed on how to use the LMS and course creation. etrainu’s Customer Success Team was also responsive to answer any questions or troubleshooting.


User adoption sees a fourfold increase following first launch

The implementation of the LMS was a significant digital change REIV experienced. It benefited both REIV staff and its members by being convenient and time-efficient.

Shifting to an online platform significantly reduced dependencies on REIV’s internal human resources to create and maintain short courses. It also saved administrative costs associated with hosting in-person training sessions and course delivery. Users can gain accreditation or CPD points at their own pace and balance their work and personal commitments without time and location constraints.

The true value etrainu’s LMS brought to REIV was the integration. Great member experiences rely on integrations with systems that drive REIV’s business. In this case, it required creating a seamless integration between iMIS (REIV’s member portal) and etrainu’s LMS that enabled easy data flow.

Members are able to review their CPD statutes in the REIV Member Portal. If they require gaining more CPD points, they can access compulsory CPD modules and request CPD points for external training on the LMS.

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