As an online consultancy service, SAFERVETS is passionate about safety for all veterinary professionals.

SAFERVETS sought a solution to help veterinary professionals understand and retain work health and safety practices.

SAFERVETS is an online veterinary safety consultancy and training service for the vet industry. 

They provide vet industry-specific safety policies, training, and advice to vets, nurses, managers, and support staff. 

Their passion is safer vets and safer nurses—which is why SAFERVETS’ mission is to provide evidence-based training to help employers and employees stay physically and physiologically safe.


Veterinary sciences


Ballarat, Victoria

Number of Employees


Product Used

Custom LMS

We love what the etrainu team has been able to offer us. We are absolutely delighted with how user-friendly the platform is and how visually appealing and seamless it is.

Most importantly, the support we’ve received from the team has been outstanding. We love the personal touch we get from working with etrainu. They always go above and beyond for us—if there’s something we want to do, they make it happen.

Dr Louisa Johnson

SAFERVETS Founder and Director


Engaging, visual content 

Due to the nature of their work, veterinary professionals are at risk of being exposed to a number of unique workplace hazards. In particular, they are vulnerable to physiological and psychosocial hazards, such as infectious diseases, hazardous manual handling, and unpredictable behaviour from animals.

Training to raise awareness and provide professionals with appropriate and effective mitigation strategies, therefore, is paramount. As a result, SAFERVETS was established to help provide evidence-based training to foster a safety culture across veterinary organisations across Australia.

Previous veterinary work health and safety training offerings were often disengaging, lengthy, and text-heavy—with a lack of visual content. So, SAFERVETS needed a solution that could help them create more accessible and engaging courses.


Learners enrolled


Courses available on the LMS


Course completion rate


A platform designed to captivate

etrainu’s customised LMS solution was perfectly positioned to meet SAFERVETS’ needs. 

Founder Louisa Johnson was first introduced to etrainu by completing courses for Surf Life Saving. She found the platform easy to use and was drawn to the visual aesthetics of the courses—and saw a future partnership between etrainu and SAFERVETS.

With an intuitive user interface, etrainu was able to provide SAFERVETS with a platform that could house crucial and relevant training, as well as provide a seamless learning experience. The customisation offered ample opportunities to visualise the SAFERVETS mission and ensure the user journey was more visual and absorbing.

The online platform ticked all the right boxes as it made the training much more accessible, as learners could now complete their training on any device from anywhere in the country at any time.

Beyond that, access to a Chameleon license—etrainu’s preferred authoring tool—empowered SAFERVETS to mould their content into something bite-sized and visually appealing—ultimately, something more meaningful and brought about behavioural change.


A gateway to safety

etrainu’s LMS was central to achieving the SAFERVETS mission. 

Learners have reported their enjoyment of having self-paced learning, as well as the ease of use the platform provides. Learners have also been allocated training that is relevant to their roles, i.e., as a nurse or support staff, as the availability of training plans ensures they receive courses specific to their work requirements, e.g. how to stay safe and healthy when working with different animals, such as cats, bats, dogs, cattle, horses, etc.

And with veterinary practices across Australia joining the SAFERVETS custom LMS, the Bulk Assign tool made things much more straightforward. SAFERVETS can now easily assign courses to learners as needed, making it easy for the organisation to scale and grow.

Using etrainu’s LMS, SAFERVETS was able to deliver engaging micro-courses—fostering safer vets and safer nurses.

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