Roaring Respite

Roaring Respite aims to make a positive impact in the lives of those they support.

How etrainu helped Roaring Respite positively impact the community through education.

Roaring Respite aims to make a positive impact in the lives of those they support.

Currently, Roaring Respite provides disability support services to individuals based in Geelong and surrounding areas, including Winchelsea and Werribee. They offer a range of supports, such as in-home, community access, and transport, to individuals of all ages, from children to adults.




Geelong, Victoria

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Product Used

NDS Workforce Essentials

The value we’ve found in etrainu’s NDS Workforce Essentials is exponential. 

Regardless of how much training I offer my team, they always want more—the more knowledge I can give them, the better support they can give to people.

And I think it’s a credit to the training program because the cost and content are awesome.

James McKenzie

Director of Roaring Respite


Quality, extensive training

The team at Roaring Respite know the importance of high-quality training in disability support work. Director James McKenzie was a former educator and recognised how knowledge is fundamental for himself and his team—especially noting how the disability industry needs more trained and knowledgeable people.

So, Roaring Respite were on the hunt for quality training that would not only provide them with extra knowledge but also support them in improving their skills to perform their roles more confidently. In other words, the more information and skills gained through training, the better equipped the Roaring Respite team will be to support people with disability.

But the question remained: where could they find a training solution with an existing wealth of courses that was ever-growing to quench the team’s thirst for knowledge? 


Courses per learner




Assets available


NDS Workforce Essentials 

One of the most important goals of Roaring Respite is to make a positive impact in the lives of those they support. 

etrainu, whose mission is to build exceptional communities through education, was perfectly positioned to solve the pain points of the Roaring Respite team through our NDS Workforce Essentials (WFE).

The WFE eLibrary was created in partnership with the National Disability Services (NDS), Australia’s peak body for non-government disability service organisations. Through this partnership, NDS shares their expertise, understanding and knowledge of the disability sector to co-write relevant courses with etrainu.

In doing so, NDS and etrainu provide the sector with the tools they need to deliver high-quality support—which the Roaring Respite team noted and appreciated.

The team enjoyed accessing the 100+ assets available in the library, which fostered an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. And, with access to the NDS learning management system (LMS), the team found the training easy to complete online, using any device of their choice.

Additionally, the team appreciated the fact that the NDS WFE eLibrary delivers industry-specific, relevant training. All the assets in the library are mapped to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Practice Standards and Quality Indicators.

Affordability and value for money were also crucial factors in Roaring Respite’s decision to choose etrainu. The etrainu team offered a cost-effective price for the WFE eLibrary to Roaring Respite, making etrainu their preferred learning solution.


A plethora of knowledge at their fingertips 

Not only was etrainu’s NDS Workforce Essentials abundant with information and education, but access to NDS LMS made it much easier for Roaring Respite to keep track of their training requirements. This allowed Roaring Respite to learn more without worrying about developing training, allowing them to focus on what matters to them.

The Roaring Respite team said they enjoyed completing the training, as well as the ease of use the platform provided. The NDS Workforce Essentials has helped them achieve their goal of wanting to better themselves, particularly through the delivery of extra and relevant information.

The NDS Workforce Essentials eLibrary is continuing to grow, which will continue to provide value to the Roaring Respite team—and continue to roar on people with disability.

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