Mental Health Essentials

Your comprehensive list of eLearning assets in Mental Health Essentials.

With 13 courses, our Mental Health Essentials includes training that focuses on recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health, learning about the mental health continuum, and how we can help others. The training is designed to help both leaders and employees better understand mental health and what it entails.
Course List
  • A Story of Mental Health
    LIVIN’s A Story of Mental Health aims to bring awareness about mental health and the different ways it may present itself. It also seeks to change the way we view mental wellbeing—highlighting that it ain’t weak to speak about our mental health.
  • Helping Others
    Through video and scenario-based learning, the course explores how to offer support to someone. It can be anything from starting a conversation and asking how they’re doing to encouraging that person to get professional help.
  • Signs and Symptoms
    This training covers the major warning signs and symptoms of poor mental health. It uses a series of scenarios to help learners recognise when someone might be experiencing poor mental wellbeing and how to help them.
  • The Mental Health Continuum
    By the end of this training, you will be able to recognise when to take a step back and look after your mental wellbeing. It also will equip you with the strategies to help your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Self-Care
    The Self-Care module explores tips and strategies for self-care and how to maximise them to ensure you look after your mental health. It also teaches learners how to practise mindfulness.
  • An Introduction to Adult Mental Health
    This module will also delve into how we can strive for better mental health and how we play a role in ending the stigma around it.
  • Adult Mental Health Complex Disorders
    This module looks at the causes and symptoms of such disorders and the potential impacts they have on individuals and those around them.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect
    This module was designed to highlight how we can take action to protect the environment and play our part in creating sustainability and maintaining biodiversity.
  • Adult Mental Health Social Psychology and Mental Illness
    This training provides a comprehensive resource on the different types of abuse and their signs and symptoms. It also covers the psychological impacts such abuse has on a person and its effect on their daily life.
  • Adult Mental Health Mood Disorders and Emotional Wellbeing
    This module explores the different mood disorders, such as stress, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and phobic behaviours (phobias). Learners will also understand how to support people with such disorders, including following different therapies and techniques.
  • Adult Mental Health Holistic Health
    Through this course, learners will understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to mental wellness. They will also explore the different strategies to promote healthier minds and, subsequently, better mental wellbeing.
  • Adult Mental Health Recovery Focus Care
    This module also looks at the types of treatment and support, including the SMART model, goal setting, and psycho-education. While treatment focuses on the individual, this topic also highlights the importance of supporting those in recovery.
  • Learning Resilience in Adulthood
    This module shows adults how to face and overcome challenges while building resilience. It also explores different tips and strategies people can use to develop a resilient mentality and approach life confidently.
  • Treatment and Support in Adult Mental Health
    By completing this course, learners will better understand the Australian healthcare system’s value and its role in mental health management.