Assess App
Blend face to face assessments and online learning using etrainu's assess app.

For organisations that need the assurance of face to face with the flexibility of online learning.

Why Use The Assess App?

Certify practical competencies
Align online with face to face training
Consolidate your ecosystem
Remove paper based records

How Does It Work?

Learner Experience
Learners can see events in a calendar, map or list view. They can enroll into an event, where they can be assessed for practical competencies. For example, in order to become a referee, there may be online training, alongside a face to face assessment that a learner must pass.

Learners can select the event based on the location and date that suits them. They are reminded in the lead up to the event.

Post Event

Following an event, a learner has either been marked as competent or has failed the assessment. If the learner is competent, they will be able to see that certificate within their Skills Passport. If the learner has failed the assessment, they are able to enrol into a future event and try again.
Admin Experience
Administrators can create highly configurable events. Set the date, location, prerequisites, assessor and reminder schedule through a streamlined user interface.

On the day of the event, assessors can use the mobile app to login and mark which learners are in attendance. Throughout the event, assessors can check off competencies once a learner has demonstrated they are capable.

The best part? You can ditch the pen and paper.

Generate Reports

Administrators can use the sophisticated reporting capabilities to create custom reports summarising an event.

Sync to External Platforms

Now that your learners have had their practical competencies certified, those certifications can sync with external platforms, like your membership platform. This can save your organisation countless hours of data entry.
Life Saving Assessment
Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) needed to combine in the field competency assessments with online training.

By implementing the assess app, SLSA have at their fingertips the ability to mark members as competent for practical components of their assessment. Previously, these results would have needed to be transcribed from paper to Surfguard which would often take longer than the actual assessment itself.

Through the assess app and etrainu, it's now done at point of capture and syncing to their membership platform, eliminating all manual data entry.
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