Aged Care eLibraries

Your comprehensive list of assets in the Aged Care Fundamentals and Premium eLibraries.

Our Aged Care training has been developed in collaboration with Carers Queensland
to offer on-the-job training for individuals supporting the elderly within the Aged Care

Aligned with the new Aged Care Quality Standards, the eLibrary aims to assist aged
care workers in understanding their responsibilities, meeting Continuing Professional
Development (CPD) requirements, and delivering exemplary care. The content within
this library will remain current and up-to-date with the Quality Standards.

Our Aged Care libraries have been divided into Fundamentals and Premium. The Premium subscription includes access to all courses within Fundamentals, plus additional courses.
Aged Care Fundamentals Course List
  • Preparing for the Strengthened Quality Standards
    0.33 CPD points
  • Working in Aged Care
    0.66 CPD points
  • Aged Care in Practice
    0.66 CPD points
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
    0.5 CPD points
  • Care Plans
    0.33 CPD points
  • Good Record Keeping
    0.33 CPD points
  • Respectful Conversations
    0.4 CPD points
  • PPE
    0.33 CPD points
  • Oral Hygiene
    0.5 CPD points
  • Infection Control & Prevention
    1.1 CPD points
  • Code of Conduct - Code in Practice
    0.75 CPD points
  • SIRS Reporting
    1.25 CPD points
  • Incident Management and SIRS Response
    0.83 CPD points

Total CPD Points for Aged Care Fundamentals: 7.6
Total Hours for Aged Care Fundamentals: : 7.6

Aged Care Premium Course List

The Aged Care Premium eLibrary includes all courses within Fundamentals, plus the following courses.

  • Trauma-Informed Care
    0.58 CPD points
  • Culturally Inclusive Care
    0.5 CPD points
  • Dementia, Delirium, And Depression
    0.75 CPD points
  • Medication Management
    ‍‍0.83 CPD points
  • Person-Centred Care
    ‍‍0.58 CPD points
  • First Response Fire Evacuation
    0.67 CPD points
  • Food Safety
    ‍‍0.83 CPD points
  • Sexuality and The Older Person
    ‍‍0.42 CPD points

Total CPD Points for Aged Care Premium: 12.8
Total Hours for Aged Care Premium: : 12.8

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