Carers QLD
For more than 30 years, Carers Queensland has been committed to offering specialised carer and disability support services—and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.
Carers Queensland has been committed to offering specialised care and disability support services for more than 30 years. They advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and enhanced outcomes for families.

They work within and value their local community, responding to unmet needs with care and respect. They assist those who are disconnected from disability support services by providing high-quality, personalised support.

Carers Queensland’s objective is to ensure people with disability achieve their goals, enhance their relationships and can move forward in life based on their own decisions and choices. They are dedicated to making life better through:
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Their organisation
  • Their people
  • Their offices
Carers Queensland partnered with etrainu to deliver these outcomes and ensure people with disability receive the quality support they deserve.