Carers QLD
For more than 30 years, Carers Queensland has been committed to offering specialised carer and disability support services—and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.
Carers Queensland has been committed to offering specialised care and disability support services for more than 30 years. They advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and enhanced outcomes for families.

They work within and value their local community, responding to unmet needs with care and respect. They assist those who are disconnected from disability support services by providing high-quality, personalised support.

Carers Queensland’s objective is to ensure people with disability achieve their goals, enhance their relationships and can move forward in life based on their own decisions and choices. They are dedicated to making life better through:
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Their organisation
  • Their people
  • Their offices
Carers Queensland partnered with etrainu to deliver these outcomes and ensure people with disability receive the quality support they deserve.
Aged Care Fundamentals
Aged Care training that is aligned to the latest Aged Care Quality Standards.
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Aged care nurse and elderly home care participant
Aged Care Premium
Everything in Aged Care Fundamentals, plus additional courses. Designed for those looking for a more comprehensive solution.
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Dr Jo Lukins
Dr Jo Lukins is an inspirational author and professional speaker who provides programs across sports, organisations, and education to emphasise resilience and high performance.
Dr Jo Lukins Pty Ltd places elite performance thinking within the reach of individuals, teams, and organisations. She provides an exclusive window into the Locker Room of the Outstanding, offering practical skills and ways of thinking to help people live up to their potential. 

Dr Lukins spends her day delving into the minds of individuals, teams, and organisations, seeking to understand what drives them and assisting them in reaching their potential. Her career is akin to that of a psychological Indiana Jones, and she is grateful for the fascinating work she does every day.

Dr Jo Lukins delivers resilience and expert performance programs for the Australian Defence Force using her PhD in Psychology, over 25 years of experience and a breadth of knowledge in the sport, organisational, and educational domains. 

She has worked with elite athletes and outstanding professionals throughout her career, gaining a unique insight into the world of success. Her expertise in the field has been recognised with an Outstanding Alumni award from James Cook University. 

Dr Lukins is regularly sought after as a presenter and interventionist in the media space, and she is the author of two books: "The Elite: Think like an Athlete, Succeed like a Champion" and "In the Grandstands: Champion Your Teen through the Tears and Triumphs of Sport."

The most satisfying element of Dr Lukins' career is knowing that she has made a difference in the lives of others. It is the driving force behind her work and the reason she finds fulfilment in her profession.
Embrace the Suck
Key mental strategies for learning how to be comfortable when uncomfortable.
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