Corporate Edge
With a focus on culture alignment, Corporate Edge helps organisations transform their workplaces to develop clear strategies, mould inspired leaders, and cultivate teamwork.
Corporate Edge began its journey in 1999 when founder Phil Allison created a business to fulfil his personal purpose in life, which was to facilitate the achievement of human potential. 

Since then, they have grown into a rich and diverse team committed to the common cause of helping to facilitate the success of others. Their own culture is everything to them. 

Corporate Edge wants every business to experience the impact of creating a truly cooperative environment. That's why they teamed up with etrainu to deliver a range of courses to show how organisations can facilitate and support a more harmonious team environment.

Corporate Edge strives to be an example to their clients of the great things that are possible when you build a 'Village' culture. They believe this is the key to the support of their team and the true foundation of their future success.
Effective One-on-One Meetings
Why meetings are important and how you can structure them effectively.
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Energy and Confidence
How to create the energy you need to succeed and move forward with confidence everyday.
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Accepting Personal Accountability
The motivation to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard.
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Honest Conversations
An understanding of when to have honest conversations and how to identify them.
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Emotional Resilience
An understanding of emotional resilience and tools to enable you to become more resilient.
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Personal Brand
An understanding of the importance of articulating your brand.
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