Learning Lounge
Learning Lounge (Online Courses Australia) is a leading publisher of over 200 plus Micro-credentials and non-formal certificate courses, aligned with Australian industry.
Learning Lounge (Online Courses Australia) offers courses to other training providers, businesses and corporate clients across Australia. Learning Lounge's management has been at the forefront of online education in Australia. 

They have a proven track record of providing formal and non-formal online training and over 10 years of experience delivering courses in the Business, Education, Community, Childcare, Travel and Tourism industries, and more recently, in the Mental Health and Animal and Veterinary Sectors.

Learning Lounge is skilled in the development and delivery of non-formal online education. Their courses are produced by an experienced development and production team. 

All courses, materials and intellectual property owned by Learning Lounge are designed and developed by qualified teachers and professionals in consultation with Australian industries. All Learning Lounge courses, material and intellectual property are supported by artificial intelligence in accordance with learning and intelligence theories and, where appropriate, aligned to AQF Certificate and Diploma level units of competence.
Support Individual Health & Emotional Well-Being
The skills and knowledge required to use established individualised support plans.
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Follow Safety Procedures for Direct Care Work
Safety in an aged care workplace is critically important.
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Provide Support for People Living with Dementia
Skills and knowledge of anatomy and physiology
required to recognise body systems and their components.
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Apply Personality and Developmental Theories
Key concepts and constructs underlying theories of personality and human development.
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Assist Clients with Medication
Skills and knowledge required to work effectively in
community work or service delivery settings.
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Provide Support to Meet Personal Care Needs
Develop a basic knowledge of human body systems and basic body hygiene.
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