Learning Vault
As a digital education company, Learning Vault specialises in forward-thinking and technology-driven solutions, including micro-credentials, digital badging, and digital certification.
Learning Vault is a digital education company specialising in forward-thinking and technology-driven solutions. They are relied upon by global brands for world-class digital content to support students' educational experiences.

Learning Vault aims to inspire creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. The company's goal is to help develop the next generation of highly skilled, highly sought-after, informed, and creative professionals. Businesses need graduates who can make an immediate impact, and Learning Vault's micro-credential courses are designed to do just that.

Backed by industry partners, all of Learning Vault's content is industry-relevant and reflects current trends and best practices in each field. They are part of the new breed of higher education, providing micro-credentialed short courses that are hand-crafted with relevant and engaging content. Learning Vault is always looking for innovative ways to empower the workforce of now—and the future.