NeuroLeadership Institute
The world’s first neuroscience-backed solution for psychological safety in the workplace, NeuroLeadership Institute offers solutions to transform individuals and organisations.
In 2007, David and Lisa Rock and their team worked in leadership development and executive coaching for ten years, when David coined the term "NeuroLeadership." They realized that bringing a more concrete, science-based approach to growing soft skills would not just resonate with business leaders but also make any change initiative more effective.

That same year, what would become the NeuroLeadership Institute ran its first Summit in Asolo, Italy, convening business practitioners and brain scientists. Since then, Summits have been held across London, Sydney, San Francisco, DC and Boston before settling into its home in New York City. Tens of thousands of people now join the summit each year by live streaming.

The Neuroleadership Institute offers award-winning education programs across the globe, which improve communication, performance, and management skills.