May 23 Platform Release

Last updated: 
May 9, 2023

What's New

LMS Features

  • Enhanced report and export capabilities within the Training Status Report
  • Ability to include associated module data in the report and exports
  • Added "Export All" option in the export menu, providing all available export options in the download
  • Further improvements to the Training Status Report ahead of pilot release
  • Optimised performance for larger datasets to be reported on
  • Various improvements to increase the usability of the new report
  • Updates to My Training page and course expiration status
  • New filtering functionality by course status
  • Included an expired status section to clearly show courses that have expired before or after completion
  • Added the ability to re-enrol in expired courses eligible for re-enrolment
  • Assessment limits can now be set between 1 and 3 when configured

Assess App Features

  • Status and Assess tab now allows administrators to quickly update user assessments
  • "Mark as Complete" option marks learners as complete for all unmarked assessment modules
  • "Reset Assessment Modules" option unmarks completed assessment modules available for that event
  • Administrators can resend enrollment emails to learners from the event page
  • Ability to specify a different email address for sending the enrollment email if needed
  • Assessors can view specific sessions assigned to them when receiving an assignment email
  • Improved event auto-naming by supporting different auto-naming rules based on the assigned course
  • Enhanced ad-hoc emails by separating the email sent to the event contact and clear identification of copied emails and recipients
  • Updated default filters for Sub-organisation admins based on feedback

LMS Release Video

NDS Release Video