etrainu and refbook to Partner for Leading Sports Officiating Technology Combination

October 12, 2022

etrainu alongside Australian technology company refbook have commenced the first stage of an integration and commercial alliance to enrich the sports officiating digital ecosystem.

The partnership will mark category-firsts for each platform, showcasing the mutual respect and opportunity identified by both technologies for solutions within global officiating.

With the companies’ development teams establishing a direct line of communication, the dual SaaS platforms are preparing for a highly integrated future of data sharing and insights. 

The integration features will work to provide a seamless solution for the administration and education of officials across multiple sports from grassroots to the elite. Several areas of functionality have been identified during a number of early scoping sessions, and will provide the companies’ mutual customers the opportunity to be an early mover on innovation.

refbook’s platform allows organisations to process the complex and time-consuming management tasks more efficiently, including availability, eligibility, assigning and financial reporting. Importantly, the alliance will provide a powerful commercial opportunity for both companies through mutual customer introduction and joint marketing strategies across local and international markets.

refbook Head of Technology, Troy Earle, said the opportunity to work with a world-leader in online learning was an important part of a modern officiating ecosystem.

“From the outset, refbook understood the importance of integrating with best in breed technology that would enable our clients to use specialist products for each aspect of officiating,’ said Earle. ‘We are thrilled to commence the relationship with etrainu, who provide market-leading solutions for online learning and accreditation. The value their platform provides organisations is a natural fit with refbook’s sports officials management platform and we have a number of priority areas we’ll be exploring across key sports.”

For etrainu, enhancing the learning management system’s capability for officials was of particular interest. When one considers that most education in sport tends to focus on coaches, we do so at the expense of the very people who make community sporting contests possible - the referees, umpires, judges and other technical officials. etrainu’s stated vision is to build better communities through education, and officials are an incredibly important cohort in that mix. Through refbook’s innovative platform, we are partnering to deliver not only seamless administration, but continuous learning and a high performance pathway for those interested in reaching the top of their field.

About refbook

refbook is a multi-sport officials’ assignment and management software from Melbourne, Australia. Its guiding principle is to use technology and automation to empower and connect sports administrators and officials. refbook is committed to providing a technology solution that meets the needs of all sporting levels, equally servicing both administrators and officials.

More information can be found at

About etrainu

etrainu are leaders in community education solutions. Through a sophisticated learning management system and engaging online courses, etrainu is changing the way we learn. 

Founded in 2007, etrainu has grown to over 2 million learners benefitting from hundreds of industry tailored courses.

etrainu have partnered with some of the largest sports organisations in the world, including American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), PGA Tour, Gymnastics Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia. 

More information can be found at www.etrainu/sport

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