etrainu Launches New eLibrary to Manage Psychosocial Hazards

June 10, 2024

etrainu is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest eLibrary, Managing Psychosocial Hazards.

Developed in partnership with Mentally Well Workplaces, the eLibrary explores how workers, leaders, managers, and persons conducting a business or undertaking

(PCBUs) can identify and manage psychosocial risks in the workplace.

The new eLibrary was created to develop work health and safety (WHS) training that aligns with model WHS laws. 

Why is managing psychosocial hazards important?

In 2018, the ministers responsible for WHS asked Safe Work Australia to review the WHS model laws. Safe Work Australia appointed Marie Boland to conduct the review. 

From this review, Boland made recommendations to improve clarity and consistency and shed light on the lack of psychological and psychosocial considerations in the legislation. 

One recommendation to address this gap was introducing psychological health regulations:

Recommendation 2: Make regulations dealing with psychological health and amend the model WHS Regulations to deal with how to identify the psychosocial risks associated with psychological injury and the appropriate control measures to manage those risks.

In 2023, these updated laws took effect, and for the first time, WHS Regulations now prescribe how employers must identify and manage hazards and risks to workers’ psychological health and safety.

So, what are psychosocial hazards? 

A psychosocial hazard is anything that could cause psychological harm

Examples include unreasonable job demands, low job control, poor support, traumatic events or material, remote or isolated work, or even bullying and harassment. And with the current legislation, psychosocial safety is more important than ever.

Psychosocial safety in the workplace refers to the management of factors that impact workers’ psychological wellbeing and their interactions within the work environment. Leaders and PCBUs, therefore, need to ensure they have risk management strategies to protect all workers.

By completing our course, Managing Psychosocial Hazards, learners will discover how to implement processes to minimise psychosocial risks and cultivate a productive, engaged, and healthier workplace. 

Training designed to promote safety

Aligned with the new legislative requirements, Managing Psychosocial Hazards ensures learners remain up-to-date and compliant with these changes.

Managing Pyschosocial Hazards comprises five modules:

M1: Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards At Work

The very first module of Managing Psychosocial Hazards explores psychosocial safety and the legislation surrounding it.

M2: Work Health and Safety Duties

Work Health and Safety Duties explores the responsibilities of workers,  managers/supervisors, health and safety representatives, and PCBUs regarding psychological safety.

M3: Identify the Hazards

Part of fostering a psychosocially safe workplace is being able to identify hazards.

The third module of Managing Psychosocial Hazards explores how to identify psychosocial hazards in the workplace, including signs and symptoms.

M4: Assess the Risks

Psychological safety also means following the risk management process, which means being able to assess risks.

Assess the Risks explores how learners can evaluate risks and consider the degree of harm such risks may pose.

M5: Review Control Measures

The final module of Managing Psychosocial Hazards takes learners through the final stages of the risk management process: controlling the risks.

It explores the need to examine existing control measures and how to implement effective ones to create a safe workplace for all. 

Leaders, managers, and PCBUs can easily access the eLibrar via the etrainu LMS. This will provide them with flexibility, empowering them to effortlessly complete the training amid their busy schedules.

About our partner

Mentally Well Workplaces provides organisations with mental health training and resources. Mentally Well Workplaces has served over 25,000 people with resource-driven and insightful training.

Mentally Well Workplaces’ ultimate goal is to create a ripple effect that extends beyond the workplace—and equip employees with the skills and knowledge to promote mental health and wellbeing in their personal lives and communities.

Acting as our subject matter experts (SMEs), Mentally Well Workplaces provided etrainu with the knowledge and insights to craft a meaningful training solution.

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