Managing Psychosocial Hazards Bundle

Your comprehensive list of eLearning assets in the Managing Psychosocial Hazards Bundle.

Equip your managers and supervisors with vital skills to identify, assess, and mitigate workplace psychosocial hazards, ensuring a safer and more resilient workplace culture.
Course List
  • Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work
    Module 1 of Managing Psychosocial Hazards explores psychosocial safety and the legislation surrounding it.
  • Work Health & Safety Duties
    Work Health and Safety Duties explores each person’s role and responsibility regarding psychological safety. Using scenario-based learning, the module showcases what everyone can do to be safe. Additionally, learners will understand the risk management process and how it can be applied to their roles.
  • Identify the Hazards
    The third module of Managing Psychosocial Hazards explores how to identify psychosocial hazards in the workplace, including signs and symptoms.
  • Assess the Risk
    Assess the Risks explores how learners can evaluate risks and consider the degree of harm such risks may pose. The most important factors to consider are exposure, duration/frequency, and severity.
  • Review Control Measures
    The final module of Managing Psychosocial Hazards explores how managers, supervisors, and leaders can implement effective control measures to reduce the effects of psychosocial risks.