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Here's how Better Care Delivered (BCD) leveraged etrainu's digital tools to deliver the most up-to-date training within the disability services and care and support sectors.

Building better brand experiences through training

BCD (Better Care Delivered) is a local services provider with almost 20 years experience, operating across Macarthur, Wollondilly, Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Wingecarribee.

BCD (Better Care Delivered) is a local services provider with almost 20 years of experience, operating across Macarthur, Wollondilly, Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Wingecarribee. BCD has experienced people and systems in place to provide NDIS and Aged Care Case and Plan Management, Support Coordination, and In-Home and Out-of-Home services.

BCD's goal is to provide the team with high-quality and the most up-to-date training.


Disability and Aged Care


‍New South Wales, Australia

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“We’ve built a great relationship and trusting partnership with etrainu, and they’re always open to feedback and quick to make any changes or updates where required.” 

Heather Hollingworth


Hit the ground running to deliver ongoing training to meet compliance and quality needs

BCD has a team of 12 staff based in the head office, plus 140 staff who work remotely out in the community. Working in the disability and aged care sector, ongoing training is essential for compliance and quality. Offering regular opportunities for training also forms part of the company’s employee value proposition.

With such a large remote workforce, finding a training provider that offered high levels of flexibility was imperative, alongside providing high-quality and the most up-to-date training.


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Flexible online training accessible anywhere, anytime

When CEO Heather Hollingworth joined BCD almost two years ago, the company didn’t have any kind of online training provider in place. Having had a great experience with etrainu in her previous role, she reached out to the team to set up a solution for BCD.

etrainu created a customised Learning Management System (LMS), combining both the Disability Workforce Essentials and Aged Care package of online training programs, which is accessible by all 140 staff directly via the BCD website.

“etrainu were able to quickly put together a customised, BCD-branded landing page and give us access to the Workforce Essentials modules. So we were able to have the training in place for our staff so we could meet some really urgent compliance needs straight away.”


Easily assign training and view learner analytics

Management can control what kind of training is released to the relevant staff at the appropriate times, while staff can easily access and complete the training in their own time.

“The training is entirely flexible. Our staff can come into the office to do the training if they don’t have the technology set up at home, or they can do it in their own time, at their own pace. And the courses are easy to complete, and they’re interactive, with few activities. So that’s really good from a learning outcomes perspective but also an engagement perspective. And from a management perspective, we can easily see all the analytics, who has completed what and the uptake of training."  

BCD’s LMS includes both the Disability Workforce Essentials Library and Aged Care Library of online training programs, and they’ve been able to easily add additional training as needed, including Leadership Development modules.

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