Cultural Awareness Bundle

Your comprehensive list of eLearning assets in the Cultural Awareness Bundle.

Developed by etrainu, the Cultural Awareness Bundle explores how these different identities intersect and how everyone can learn to better understand each other. Developed and designed to be an introduction to cultural awareness, the course shows learners the diversity of the world we live in.

With 8 modules each exploring specific topics, learners will have a foundation for building their cultural awareness.
Course List
  • LGBTIQ Awareness
    The LGBTIQ Awareness course aims to answer these questions and provide
    learners with an understanding of the different genders, sexes, sexual
    orientations, and other personal identities.
  • Racial Sensitivity
    Racial Sensitivity aims to explore the different races of Australia and help create more understanding and compassion, leading to a more inclusive environment.
  • Religious Sensitivity
    Religious Sensitivity explores the world’s major religions and the common practices of each religion. It covers certain aspects, such as prayers, dietary requirements, behaviours, and communication, so that learners better understand different religions and how they can shape a person’s identity.
  • Cultural Awareness
    The Cultural Awareness course demonstrates some of the major cultural groups found in Australia and explores key aspects of each one.
  • Respectful Workplaces
    Split into 4 parts, this module explores the different ways everyone can come together and build a workplace that is diverse and inclusive.
  • Internal Communications
    With a focus on creating respect, the Internal Communications module covers how everyone in a workplace can use the communication channels.
  • Mythbusters: Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination
    The Mythbusters: Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination module explore the myths around such behaviours and how they continue to perpetuate stereotypes and allow these behaviours to go unchecked.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect
    This module was designed to highlight how we can take action to protect the environment and play our part in creating sustainability and maintaining biodiversity.
  • Creating Opportunities for Equality in the Workplace
    The Opportunities for Equality in the Workplace module shows how both employers and employees can build a more equal, inclusive, and diverse working environment.
  • Unconscious Bias
    Aimed at creating an understanding and awareness of biases, the course covers how we can all play a part in recognising our biases and overcoming them—if only we are willing.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness
    In the spirit of reconciliation, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness course aims to create awareness and understanding of Australia’s First Nations communities.